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Erasure - Light at the End of the World

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 22 / 6 / 2007

Erasure - Light at the End of the World
Label: Mute Records
Format: CD


Latest album from Erasure, which despite some fine moments finds them far from their best

The latest Erasure CD opens up with 'Sunday Girl', the second single from the album, which rather than being a cover of the infamous Blondie song, starts off with a techno intro. It then sounds momentarily like something from the soundtrack to 'A Clockwork Orange' at which point Andy's vocals kick in and then it sounds like pure Erasure pop. 'I Could Fall in Love With You' follows. The first single, this is a slice of what the band do best and is ...even purer Erasure pop, one of their best ever songs. 'Sucker for Love' is big, bright and proud, while 'Storm in a Teacup' is much more moody, and is balladic in a 1970's style. 'Fly Away' is substandard for the band, amusing background stuff, while 'Golden Heart', which is stuck in the 80's, is pleasant enough, but similarly unremarkable. 'How My Eyes Adore You' is a chilled out love song, while Darlene is easy on the ears, but again far from outstanding. 'When A Lover Leaves' is stronger, a comedown for the lost and lonely, while 'Glass Angel' is bigger sounding, and both moody and touching. ' Be My Baby' is one of the bonus tracks on the limited edition, and sounds like a brooding Depeche Mode, while the other bonus track is 'I Don't Know Why' which is happy and poppy. An album of some fine moments, but which, despite a great start, is far from Erasure at their best.

Track Listing:-
1 Sunday Girl
2 I Could Fall in Love With You
3 Sucker for Love
4 Storm In a Teacup
5 Fly Away
6 Golden Heart
7 How My Eyes Adore You
8 Darlene
9 When a Lover Leaves You
10 Glass Angel
11 Be My Baby
12 I Don't Know Why
13 I Could Fall In Love with You (Jeremy Wheatley Radio Mix)

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