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Layabouts - Lexington, London, 1/6/2013

  by Tom Fogarty

published: 25 / 5 / 2013

Layabouts - Lexington, London, 1/6/2013


Tom Fogarty watches Madrid-based punk band Layabouts play a fantastic set in a rare UK show at the Lexington in London

Spanish band Layabouts played in London’s trendy Lexington music venue on 1st June, headlining a small one-night-only event called ‘We Are The Amigos’, aiming to bring city natives together with Spaniards and Catalans in London. The band also have a new EP coming soon and are raring to get a chance to demo some of their new material in front of a UK crowd. The Layabouts’ hometown is Madrid, where by their own admission – this brand of rock music is not the norm. Unperturbed, they gig relentlessly and produce and release their own albums, and are probably due their first big break pretty soon. Having spent some time before the gig interviewing Layabouts frontman, Javi C, I know that putting on a good show is of utmost importance to the band and is the key to their success to date. And tonight proves to be no exception; the Layabouts do not disappoint. Rock and roll throwbacks to a time when the scene was vibrant and thriving, the band play with an infectious frenetic energy that is a joy to be a part of. Their songs are short, sharp and snappy and they play their music to the edge. Let there be no mistake! Layabouts gigs are good fun. The band play with a true rock and roll swagger that is confident and just short of cocky – they have a true stage presence without ever appearing to take themselves too seriously. This is by no means style over substance. Layabouts have a strong work ethic and play by a strict code of rock and roll conduct. They genuinely believe in what they do. It is also clear that they dearly enjoy to perform, and that spirit comes across in their show. As billed, the show is played to an audience who are a mixture of Spanish and English faces - and although the crowd may be small they are certainly boisterous and know how to have a good time, pogoing up and down with the band and moshing around excitedly. Tonight the band play a mixture of songs from their previous three albums, along with some from their upcoming EP and a few classic covers thrown in for good measure! The band like to play covers as they see it as something of rock and roll tradition. Following in the footsteps of the Ramones and Chuck Berry before them, Layabouts try to reinvent old songs that have inspired them; partly to play homage and also in order to keep these songs alive and introduce them to the next wave of young music lovers. Tonight the boys play ‘California Sun’ by the Ramones and ‘New Rose’ by the Damned, highly appropriate for a lively rock gig in London. The boys play a great set and hopefully it will not be long before Layabouts are back in London, maybe on a full UK tour. If hard work and attitude are anything to judge by – it will surely happen soon –Layabouts deserve a slice of success. After listening to their last album, ‘Savage Behaviour’, I wrote in a review that “I couldn’t wait to see them play live”. And after a year’s wait, I’m very glad to say that I finally have.

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