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Interview (2013)

Layabouts - Interview

Layabouts are a no-nonsense Madrid-based heavy rock/punk act. Tom Fogarty chats to singer Javi C at a show in London about Layabouts' strict musical ethos, their three albums and future plans


Lexington, London, 1/6/2013

Layabouts - Lexington, London, 1/6/2013

Tom Fogarty watches Madrid-based punk band Layabouts play a fantastic set in a rare UK show at the Lexington in London


Savage Behavior (2011)

Eclectic and passionate second album from rising Madrid-based band the Layabouts, which incorporates together among other things elements of punk, 50's rock 'n' roll and heavy rock

Y (2008)

Unpretentiously enjoyable debut album from enthusiastic and energetic Stooges and New York Dolls-influenced Spanish act, Layabouts

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