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Breathless - Green to Blue

  by Carl Bookstein

published: 30 / 10 / 2012

Breathless - Green to Blue
Label: Tenor Vossa
Format: CD


Mournfully beautiful and ambitious double album from London-based outfit Breathless, the band of Dominic Appleton who first drew public attention with This Mortal Coil in the mid-1980s

With 'Green to Blue', Breathless’ ambitious new double album, rich resonant waves of sound wash over the listener. With sounds from space rock to shoe-gaze to melancholia, Breathless has created something novel and beautiful here. Certainly a career apex moment has been captured - a sweeping evocative effort. Breathless’ Dominic Appleton’s vocals are exquisite. Appleton, who sang with This Mortal Coil back in 1986, is notably Ivo Watts-Russell’s (head of the 4AD label and This Mortal Coil originator) personal favourite singer. On 'Green to Blue', the whole band gels. Breathless is Appleton, Gary Mundy, Ari Neufeld and Tristram Latimer Sayer. The album opener 'Please Be Happy' starts with a poignant instrumental groove and maintains a soothing mellifluous flow. The song is a bittersweet lament: “It’s too late now/We can’t change anything.”- simultaneously sad and lovely, with intertwining bass and guitar. Appleton’s vocal is soul soothing to the core and the music uplifting, even in its sadness. The music is a synthesis of space rock, melancholia and shoe-gaze, yet beyond categorization. 'I Want You to Realize' philosophizes about heartbreak and angel halos. 'Next Time You Fall' is filled with cathartic emotion, jamming space guitar and moody keyboards and percussion. 'It’s Good to See You' is a gorgeous vocal and instrumental combination. Every note soothes - “There you are when there’s nothing left to cheer for.” An inspired love song - sad, but so sweet. 'Walk Away' starts with intense crunchy Crazy Horse style guitar, as rock then flows into alternative. The effect is moody, yet powerful in sound. 'Rain Down Now' reaches out with a hand that touches - a genuinely healing tune: “Let it pour down… Let it wash us away.” 'The Same Rooms Without You' is a definite album highlight- transcendent dream pop, confirming 'Green to Blue' as a truly great album. Appleton’s vocals are continually stirring and emotive. 'The Last Light of Day' is the moving, sombre closer: “Such a strange thing/ You were always there for me.” 'Green to Blue' is a milestone album for Breathless and well worth hearing- lush, orchestrated sound that satisfies.

Track Listing:-
1 Please Be Happy
2 I Want You To Realise
3 Next Time You Fall
4 Everything Is Us
5 It's Good To See You
6 Walk Away
7 Rain Down Now
8 Fade Away
9 The Same Rooms Without You
10 Just For Today
11 The Last Light of Day

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