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Interview (2016)

Breathless - Interview

Lead singer Dominic Appleton of London-based quartet Breathless speaks with Carl Bookstein about music and the current re-release of their 1999 album 'Blue Moon'

Interview (2012)

Breathless - Interview

Carl Bookstein speaks to This Mortal Coil singer Dominic Appleton about his band Breathless' first album in nine years, 'Green to Blue'


Blue Moon (2016)

Breathless - Blue Moon

Carl Bookstein reflects on London based quartet Breathless' evocative, atmospheric and melancholy fifth album 'Blue Moon', which originally released in 1999, is about to be reissued


Green to Blue (2012)

Mournfully beautiful and ambitious double album from London-based outfit Breathless, the band of Dominic Appleton who first drew public attention with This Mortal Coil in the mid-1980s



This Mortal Coil
Interview This Mortal Coil - Interview

Former 4AD label owner Ivo Watts-Russell talks to John Clarkson about his atmospheric and influential 1980s project, This Mortal Coil; its three albums and just released new box set

Five 'O'Clock Heroes
Interview Like Young - Interview

The Five 'O' Clock Heroes recently toured with The Bravery and have just finished their own first headlining tour. With another tour on the horizon, they speak to Sarah Johnson about their breathless schedule and debut album which is due out in October


This Mortal Coil
Profile This Mortal Coil - Profile

This Mortal Coil’s three albums are being remastered and reissued in new deluxe editions on CD and vinyl. Mark Rowland, a This Mortal Coil novice, digs into their back catalogue.

Tenor Vossa
Interview Miscellaneous - Interview

Up-and-coming post-rock label Tenor Vossa already has three acts on its roster and is rapidly expanding. Owners Ari and Dominic tell how looking for a label for their own band, Breathless, lead them onto greater things


Live Rooms, Chester, 12/9/2021 Primitives - Live Rooms, Chester, 12/9/2021

Indie pop progenitors The Primitives roll back the years with a career-scanning set delivered in breathless fashion. Richard Lewis reviews

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