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Pocket Gods - Plan Nub Behind the Fridge

  by Jamie Rowland

published: 4 / 4 / 2010

Pocket Gods - Plan Nub Behind the Fridge
Label: Nub Country Records
Format: CD


Rough-edged, but charming indie pop on third album from sci-fi obsessed Peel-endorsed band, the Pocket Gods

It’s no surprise to hear that the Pocket Gods were discovered by John Peel, embracing as they do a very common feature of underground pop-punk in the UK – keyboards, up-beat melodies and a predilection for sci-fi (tracks on this new record include ‘Trailer Park on Mars’, ‘Alien Xmas Song’ and ‘Billy Childish Enters the Space Race’ –the great underground punk/bluesman of the Medway delta clearly an influence). ‘Plan Nub Behind the Fridge’ takes in all the best elements of other Peel favourites like Half Man Half Biscuit, Magoo and Dawn of the Replicants – taking American influences, knocking all the polish off of them and just having a good time making music. At 16 tracks, one could argue that ‘Plan Nub…’ is a little over-long, but when most of the songs are less than 3 minutes in length, you might have a hard time arguing your case. If nothing else, I urge you to seek out the track ‘Perfect Blue’, which is as fine a piece of indie sci-fi pop as you’re ever likely to hear. If you like your music rough and ready, then make the Pocket Gods your deities of choice!

Track Listing:-
1 Intro
2 Trailer Park on Mars
3 Billy Childish Enters the Space Race
4 Perfect Blue
5 In Nub Country
6 I'm the Ed Wood of Indie Pop
7 Alien XMas Song
8 Intermission
9 Carry on Behind
10 Nipple Fight
11 Compensation Car
12 Nub County Life
13 Telstar Gurl
14 Joe Meek
15 Zeta Reticuli
16 Outro

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