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Jeniferever - Spring Tides

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 5 / 4 / 2009

Jeniferever - Spring Tides
Label: Monotreme Records
Format: CD


Brooding post-rock on accomplished second album from Cure-influenced Swedish group, Jeniferever

'Spring Tides' is the second album from the Swedish band Jeniferever,whose debut album, 'Choose A Bright Morning', will also be re-released on the Drowned in Sound label in the spring. It opens with 'Green Meadow Island', which starts with deep Cure-like bass and drums, while singer Kristofer Jönson's vocals have the same lost style of Mark Mulcahy or Jeff Buckley. As it progresses it pulls its listener increasingly in, becoming steadily more hard-edged and in the style of Muse. 'Concrete and Glass' is lusher in tone, and begins with strings and deep drums which are played at a marching pace. Kristofer's vocal is quiet and charming. It adds some sad violin and heavy piano to the mix, and is a good chill out song for a bad day or even a very good one. 'Ox-Eye' starts off with heavy bass and drums. It has the feel of the early Cure, while Kristofer's vocal is spoken. As it develops it become more intense in manner, sounding like Radiohead or again the Cure at their very darkest. 'St Gallen' has a slow piano intro and grooves, and the vocals don't even join the track utill almost the 4 minute mark. It is again a moody, chilled out number. 'Nangijala' was the title track on a recent EP. Clocking in at 9 minutes and 36 seconds in length, it is reflective in tone and style and by its finish you are totally lost in this note-perfect track. It adds some trumpet near the end which sounds quite twee, but surprisingly works well. 'Sparrow Hill', as with the previous tracks, has enough dark dreams and reflections as well as moody keyboards and guitar lines to keep any Cure fan happy. 'Lives Apart' is slow and very reflective, and, dark as night, at six and a half minutes in length another long number. 'The Hourglass' is with its jangly guitars more in the vein of the Chameleons, but its bass is reminiscent of Peter Hook from New Order. 'Ring Out the Grief' is slow and moody, again recalling Radiohead, and finishes in a wall of feedback. The eight and a half minute 'Spring Tides' closes the album. It starts off sounding light and charming, but soon pulls you in with its steadily dark post-rock sound. An absolutely fantastic album.

Track Listing:-
1 Green Meadow Island
2 Concrete And Glass
3 Ox-Eye
4 St. Gallen
5 Nangijala
6 Sparrow Hills
7 Lives Apart
8 The Hourglass
9 Ring Out The Grief
10 Spring Tides

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