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Interview (2009)

Jeniferever - Interview

More popular abroad rather in their own country, Swedish-based ambient/post-rock outfit Jeniferever have just released their second album, 'Spring Tides'. Guitarist Martin Sandström speaks to Anthony Strutt about his band


Water Rats, London, 29/4/2009

Jeniferever - Water Rats, London, 29/4/2009

Despite coming on over an hour late, Anthony Strutt finds much to enjoy in Cure-influenced Swedish post-rock band Jeniferever's show at the London Water rats on their recent British tour


Silesia (2011)

Intense, but compelling third full-length album from Swedish post rock group, Jeniferever

Spring Tides (2009)

Brooding post-rock on accomplished second album from Cure-influenced Swedish group, Jeniferever

Nangijala EP (2009)

Lengthy, but first-rate new EP from Cure-inspired Swedish shoegazing act, Jeniferever



Jeniferever and the Wild Eyes
Leaf Cafe Bar, Liverpool, 20/4/2011 Sad Day for Puppets - Leaf Cafe Bar, Liverpool, 20/4/2011

Despite running nearly an hour late, Richard Lewls is impressed by Swedish group Jeniferever and local act the Wild Eyes' emotive post rock at a show at the Leaf Cafe Bar in Liverpool

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