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It Hugs Back - Work Day

  by Jon Rogers

published: 5 / 10 / 2008

It Hugs Back - Work Day
Label: 4AD
Format: 7"


Unimpressive Supergrass-influenced vinyl only debut single for 4AD from Kent group It Hugs Back, ecclipsed by its much more impressive and adventurous B side

Forget about the lead track on this the four-piece’s debut for 4AD – after Too Pure collected up the band’s early singles – as 'Work Day' is simply workman-like. Happy-go-lucky guitars twitter along in a pleasant mood and everything’s alright forever, yeah in a Supergrass style. It’s dull, totally unoriginal, derivative and lacks imagination. Far more exciting is the b-side 'Take Apart' which is well worth the asking price. Here the Kent band dip their toe into much more experimental and adventurous waters. Even if they have been playing Slint’s 'Spiderland' a little too much. The pace is slowed right down to a crawl and is sprinkled with the odd burst of feedback along with the almost obligatory loud-soft dynamics. If the band ditch the commercial aspects and risk venturing down more unchartered areas It Hugs Back could become interesting. The jury is still out, for the time being.

Track Listing:-
1 Work Day
2 Take Apart

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