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It Hugs Back


Interview (2012)

It Hugs Back - Interview

John Clarkson speaks to Matthew Simms, the front man with Maidstone-based indie rock band It Hugs Back, about his dual career as a touring guitarist with Wire and ‘Laughing Party’, his band’s recently released second album

Interview (2012)

It Hugs Back - Interview

John Clarkson speaks to Richard Knox, the guitarist with Leeds-based post-rock act Glissando’s second album, ‘The World Without Us’, its difficult making and his growing label, Gizeh Records


Slow Wave (2015)

Otherworldly Englsh post rock act It Hugs Back mine a well spring of glittering indie rock on their third album

Recommended Record (2013)

Exuberant and restlessly energetic third album from Maidstone indie rockers, It Hugs Back

Laughing Party (2012)

Ambitious and highly impressive debut album from Kent-based 90's-influenced alternative rockers, It Hugs Back

Work Day (2008)

Unimpressive Supergrass-influenced vinyl only debut single for 4AD from Kent group It Hugs Back, ecclipsed by its much more impressive and adventurous B side



Interview Wire - Interview

Anthony Strutt talks to Wire bassist Graham Lewis at a gig in London about 'Red Barked Tree', their forthcoming new album

Interview with Colin Newman Wire - Interview with Colin Newman

Wire’s career spans 30 years, and has extended from punkish early albums to electronic, melodic records in the 80's to more taut recent records. Mark Rowland talks to Colin Newman from the group about the re-release of the band's early catalogue with extra live recordings and their continued impact


Lexington, London, 15/4/2015 Wire - Lexington, London, 15/4/2015

At the Lexington in London, Adrian Janes witnesses a powerful performance from reinvigorated post-punk veterans, Wire

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