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Sunshine - Barfly, London, 29/4/2005

  by Olga Sladeckova

published: 19 / 4 / 2005

Sunshine - Barfly, London, 29/4/2005


Czech band Sunshine have drawn comparisions with Primal Scream, the Damned and New Order, but Olga Sladeckova sees little in the way of originality at a recent show at the London Barfly

I must say that the London Barfly is not by any means a pretty venue. While its ground floor pub does have a competitive character with its heavy wooden floor, uniquely shaped wooden benches and chairs, and bar in one corner and juke box by its side, the upstairs music venue is surprisingly dull and bleak. All the walls are painted black, and the bar always looks as if it has been temporarily assembled, especially as it has serves drinks in plastic cups. When I arrive at the venue it’s coming up to 8:30 and a Scottish trio girl band are just on the stage. They certainly don’t lack stage presence with their assertive attitude and storming music. At first it is hard to resist the barrage of music coming down at you from the stage, but 5 minutes later I feel a bit like as if we were listening to the same song over and over again. I now wonder if perhaps they took the guitar distortion a little bit too far. The band I’m here to see tonight, Sunshine, are from the Czech Republic. Being from the Czech Republic myself I have high expectations. Sunshine finally come on stage just past 9. With the enthusiastic attitude of about 10 Americans each they go straight into their set. The band have previously been said to have been influenced by Primal Scream, the Damned and New Order but I worry that they have got a little bit too carried away with their influences as they seem to lack a sound of their own. The audience's reaction appears a bit mixed at first. A few fans in the first row jump along right from the beginning, while the people in the middle seem put off. You have to admire the band’s confidence but when their lead singer Kay jumps into the auditorium and walks halfway across it I lose any of hope of seeing any originality. To be fair though, there are people who welcome his presence in the auditorium with excitement and challenge him to go further still. The music continues in similar style. Distortion on lead vocals is another put off for me. It makes Kay's voice sound somewhat fake almost as if it was playback. When Sunshine come off the stage I decide it’s time to move on and head off to see a different band in a different venue.

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