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Dandy Warhols - Roxy, Prague, 16/8/2004

  by Olga Sladeckova

published: 11 / 8 / 2004

Dandy Warhols - Roxy, Prague, 16/8/2004


The Dandy Warhols have played gigs all over the world, but until recently never the Czech Republic. Olga Sladeckova watches them make up for lost time time at the Roxy in Prague

It is 10 years since the Dandy Warhols formed, but it is only now that the Dandy Warhols have found their way to Prague. Beautiful city ! Great Music ! What more can you wish for ? The first time I see the Warhols is at their sound check. I walk down to the venue called the Roxy which is in the very centre of Prague. The 4 piece band are on the stage producing all kinds of raw and radiating noises. Their sound engineer has his hands full, and a few people are standing around listening to the music. When the sound check finishes the band come off the stage looking for someone to guide them to nearby Prague Castle.It is impossible for me resist the challenge. Unfortunately they have to be back and on the stage by 8:30 so there is not time for the walk to the Castle. Instead we set off for nearby Old Town Square. The square is known for its old tower . Near the top of the tower there is a clock with 2 small windows above it. These open as the clock strikes the hour and then you can see a group of wooden apostles passing by from one window to the other. We find ourselves below the tower at 7:30. As the band have to be back at the venue by 8 ,we don’t have the chance to see anything. Brent, the band’s drummer, and Courtney, the singer and guitarist, look at the closed windows with desperation for a few minutes. Thousands of people admire them and their band from all over the world, but 12 wooden figures in the Czech Republic still ignore them. They decide somewhat dismayed to head back to the venue. There is a time for one drink before the Warhols have to go backstage to get ready for the gig. I set off to find myself a good spot in the auditorium. The front rows are quite busy but it’s still quite easy to get very close to the stage. The band come up on the stage just after 8:30 accompanied by loud applause. Courtney confidently comes up to the microphone and greets the fans in a slightly tired voice, adding that he only just woke up. Brent sits behind his drum kit which has its kick drum decorated with the band's logo of a white partially peeled banana. Zia, who is 5 months pregnant stands behind her keyboard and waves briefly to the fans. Peter, whofounded the band back in 1994, stands modestly on the right hand side of the stage with his guitar ready for action. The first song of the set is ‘Ride’ from their first album ‘Warhols Rule OK?’. The fans react to it with the greatest excitement. You couldn’t ever guess that it’s only the first time the band have played here. Lights are an important part of the show and bring something new with every song. When it comes to ‘Get Off’ the whole venue glows in red lightning and a few people down the front give into dancing to the energetic tune. I am not sure if it’s drink or the whole excitement of the night but I decide to take chance smuggling myself into the section for photographers. No offence, but I can’t stand all those people getting into my view and their heads ending up on my photos. As I climb over the brier, I recognize the tune of the next song. It’s ‘We Used To Be Friends’ and from the reaction of the fans they know it too. The most popular song of the night, however, proves to be ‘Bohemian Like You’. “You got a great car Yeah what's wrong with it today I used to have one too” sings Courtney accompanied by the Czech fans who obviously know the lyric by heart. ‘Junkie’ and ‘Boys’ are two newer songs, but are very typical of the Warhols. They are full of liveliness and cause riots. As I found out earlier in the evening, the venue has had its licence temporarily restricted from having live music playing after 10 and it’s already 9:45. “This is our last song” announces Courtney. “So if you want to exchange phone numbers then do it now.” The last song is ‘Rave Up’. The best finish possible to the gig, it is full of psychedelic sounds and , over 10 minutes long, is coloured with lights flashing and a film running in the background. Only Zia remains on the stage and offers us one more song which is welcomed from everyone. “This one is for Matilda” Zia says stroking her belly. Then she starts singing with her gentle voice. The fans fall into silence to absorb every word she sings. Finally this is the very end of the show. Small venues are definitely better then huge concert halls. They feel much more personal . Sadly I have a feeling this is the last time we will get to experience the Warhols like that here in Prague.

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Dandy Warhols - Roxy, Prague, 16/8/2004

Dandy Warhols - Roxy, Prague, 16/8/2004

Dandy Warhols - Roxy, Prague, 16/8/2004

Dandy Warhols - Roxy, Prague, 16/8/2004

Dandy Warhols - Roxy, Prague, 16/8/2004

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