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Faust - Faust Tapes

  by James Alexander

published: 21 / 1 / 2002

Faust - Faust Tapes
Label: Rer Megacorp
Format: CD


Both 'Faust Tapes' and the consecutively released '71 Minutes' prove to be "pretty much essential" reissues from the seventies German early pioneers of ambience.

Two reissues from Faust and both are pretty much essential. Whilst Neu and Can have received plaudits left and right in recent years, Faust have remained in their shadows. They are very hard to describe, very atmospheric, semi ambient in places before cutting abruptly into a "song" or shouted dialogue, and reminiscent of 'Ummagumma' period Pink Floyd or Slates era'"Fall'". In fact 'J'ai Mal Aux Dents' is surely the inspiration behind 'Slags, Slates Etc..'" They could have been recorded last week ( both releases are dated 1971-73)and whilst they are not as mechanical as either Can or Neu (with the exception of 'Munic/Yesterday') the freeform dreamy approach works well, 'Das Meer' and 'Chromatic' being truly beautiful. But for every moment of beauty a disorientating section is not far behind ie'"Don't take Roots'. The editing on this track alone is worth buying '71 Minutes' alone for, wrongfooting you like critics say the latest David Lynch film will... If you are interested in the weird and have an inquisitive ear buy either of these tomorrow.

Track Listing:-
1 Exercise (with several hands on a piano)
2 Exercise (with voices drum and sax)
3 Flashback Caruso
4 Exercise (with voices)
5 Jai Mai Aux Dents
6 Untitled
7 Untitled
8 Dr Schwitters
9 Exercise (continues track 1)
10 Untitled
11 Untitled
12 Dr Schwitters (snippet)
13 Untitled
14 Untitled
15 Untitled
16 Untitled
17 Untitled
18 Untitled
19 Untitled
20 Untitled
21 Untitled
22 Untitled
23 Untitled
24 Stretch Out time
25 Der Baum
26 Chere Chambre

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