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Avant-Garde in the Meadows/Live at Klangbad Festival (2010)

Faust - Avant-Garde in the Meadows/Live at Klangbad Festival

Dominic Simpson finds much to recommend on a new double DVD which features two films, one about the pop avant-garde music festival Klangbad curated by the German experimental group Faust and the other which captures a rare live performance by them


(Gig of a Lifetime) Corsica Studios, London, December 2006 (2014)

Faust - (Gig of a Lifetime) Corsica Studios, London, December 2006

In 'Gig of a Lifetime', Dominic Simpson writes about being evacuated from London venue the Corsica Studios after German avant-garde rockers Faust set off a smoke bomb


Fresh Air (2017)

Compelling but difficult new live radio sessions album recorded in America from German avant-garde experimentalists Faust

Just Us (2015)

Experimental yet surprisingly harmonic latest album from German progressive rock pioneers, Faust

Faust is Last (2010)

Sprawling and somewhat unfocused double album from German experimentalists, Faust

Freispiel (2002)

"Shiny" and "new", but not totally convincing remixing of legendary Kraut rockers Faust's last album 'Ravvivando' by electronica boffins including Surgeon, Gel and the Residents

Faust Tapes (2002)

Both 'Faust Tapes' and the consecutively released '71 Minutes' prove to be "pretty much essential" reissues from the seventies German early pioneers of ambience.



Terry Edwards/'Dora Suarez'
Interview Gallon Drunk - Interview

John Clarkson speaks to Gallon Drunk's Terry Edwards about his musical interpretation of Derek Raymond's brutal crime novel, 'I Was Dora Suarez', which recorded with Raymond and his bandmate James Johnstone in 1993, has just been reissued on CD


Corsica Studios, London, 3/12/2006 Chin Chin - Corsica Studios, London, 3/12/2006

At a gig by reformed German 70's art rockers Faust at the Corsica Studios in London, Anthony Strutt witnesses their unique brand of rock'n'roll art terrorism reach unbelievable new heights when they gas their audience with toxic smoke

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