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Gary Wollen - Reviews


Your Song
Spectacular second EP from Liverpool five piece Cranebuilders, whose music straddles " the gap between the murky, unlit joy of bohemia and pure uplifting pop in very much the way that the Velvets or Smog do"

Allen Clapp

Whenever We're Together
"Fine" indiepop solo EP from the excellent Orange Peels' frontman, Allen Clapp

Hellfire Sermons

Hymns: Ancient and Modern
Musical anthology of long lost and defunct Liverpool indiepop band, Hellfire Sermons, which charts their musical progress from 1988 to 1991

John Moremen

Well performed, if slightly over constrained EP from Californian singer/songwriter, inspired by 80's British indiepop


Songs For Sick Days
Debut release on Track and Field label by Homescience, the project of Edinburgh's Andrew Ward, which, while inspired by the Beach Boys, the Byrds, and the Flying Burrito Brothers, hass uniquey individuality as well


A Cat Escaped
"Primitive", but rampantly imaginative "quaint pop", and "triumph of will against what sounds like very limited resources", on debut album by London-based duo, Pipas

Green Pajamas

Narcotic Kisses
Stylish and eclectic Americana tinged psychedelia from the Seattle-based Green Pajamas

Electro Group

A New Pacifica
Strikingly "surreal and ethereal" dream pop, strongly reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine, from new Californian group


Checklist For Love
Deceptive summer pop from Chicago-based duo,which grows with each new listening


Just Like Bobby D
"Audacious coalition of anything cool, sixties and underground" from former Inspiral Carpets' frontman Tom Hingley's new band, the Loves

Dressy Bessy

Sound Go Round
"Timeless", but "infectious" second dose of summer pop from Cleveland quartet, Dressy Bessy


Stop What You're Doing What Your Doing Is Wrong
"Compulsive energetic pop " on third single from Bearsuit

June Star

"Beautiful " third offering from June Star, which, despite a country tagging, proves too to be far more than this, but also music with a genuine sense of soul


Tall Things Falling
"Innovative, original release", which despite garish cover, proves to be one of the best leftfield British releases in years

Would Be Goods

Sugar Mummy
"Well written" and "simply recorded" three track EP from the highly regarded Would Be Goods


"Astounding' guitar feedback laden second single from the unpredictable and always thrilling Bearsuit

Dressy Bessy / Saloon

Split Release
"Compelling and inspired coupling" from two of the bands on the Track and Field label.


Complete Pet Soul
Enjoyable homage to the sixties that, as well as an obvious Beach Boys influence, also takes inspiration from the Beach Boys and Big Star


This Is What We Call Progress
Beautiful, sparse and evocative debut album from English group from Reading with Galaxie 500 and Velvets American underground type sound, but whose influences also remain very much British and European

Dressy Bessy

Pink Hearts Yellow Moons
Breathtakingly "perfect" collection of " glistening pop gems " from Denver bubblegum quartet Dressy Bessy.

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