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Interpol (2010)

Typically dark and moving fourth album from New York-based post punks, Interpol

Our Love to Admire (2007)

Fine third album from Interpol which proves to be a depature from their first two releases, allowing a little light into their previous melancholy

Heinrich Maneuver (2007)

Toe-tapping first single from their forthcoming third album from New York based art rockers Interpol

C'mere (2005)

Achingly beautiful new single from Interpol, which contains four B-sides of tracks off their new album 'Antics' each one remixed by a different member of the band

Interpol (2002)

Atmospheric new EP from New York group, reminiscent of both Mogwai and the Cure



Predominant Lunatics
Interview Predominant Lunatics - Interview

Swiss four-piece The Predominant Lunatics have drawn comparisions with The Go Betweens, The Cure, Interpol and Nick Cave. Anthony Strutt talks to them about their self-released mini debut album, 'Hoping for Dusk'


Paul Banks
Sound Control, Manchester,22/1/2013 Paul Banks - Sound Control, Manchester,22/1/2013

At Sound Control in Manchester Dixie Ernill watches Interpol front man Paul Banks play a brooding and abrasive set of solo material

Alexandra Palace, London, 30/11/2007 Shed Seven - Alexandra Palace, London, 30/11/2007

Sarah Mwangi sees New York rockers Interpol encapsulate their audience with a boisterous and theatrical show at the Alexandra Palace in London

Organ with Marlowe
Zaphod's, Ottawa, 19/6/2004 Miscellaneous - Zaphod's, Ottawa, 19/6/2004

One of the rising bands of the Canadian music scene, all-girl five piece the Organ have been getting steady good reviews. At an Ottawa show Andrew Carver sees no reason why they shouldn't share the same profile as bands such as Interpol and the Rapture

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