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Hyper Kinako


Don't Delete My Frog (2004)

Unfortunately almost unlistenable art-noise from Japanese band and John Peel favourites, Hyper Kinako



Interview Bearsuit - Interview

Bearsuit have been making gradual dents on mianstream culture with their distorted indie pop. Mark Rowland talks to the group about their forthcoming third album, ikts recording and and appearing on Top Shop's music video screens

Interview Bearsuit - Interview

One of the leading lights in the indie pop genre. Norwich-based group Bearsuit recently released their debut album, 'Cat Spectacular !' Back for second interview with us,they talk to Tommy Gunnarsson about its success and where they plan to go next

Bear Suit
Interview Bearsuit - Interview

Described by John Peel as "the pop sensation that's seeping the nation", Norwich band Bearsuit are one of the rising stars of indie pop. In one of their first interviews, Gary Wollen catches up with the group on a North London stairwell


London Toynbee Arts Centre, 22/2/02 Bearsuit - London Toynbee Arts Centre, 22/2/02

Norwich's Bearsuit are "musically unprincipled and inadvertently messy", but new writer Gary Wollen finds a recent London show to be "gorgeous, sublime and damn fine !"

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