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Club Zero, Sheffield, 14/8/2004

Horrorpops - Club Zero, Sheffield, 14/8/2004

Danish punks the Horrorpops combine their horror pyschobilly with a camp-gothic sound. While undoubtedly entertaining enough, Helen Tipping finds their theatrical brand of rock leaving her cold at Sheffield's Club Zero


Kiss Kiss Kill Kill (2008)

Fine cinema-influenced third album from psychobilly/Gothic Danish band, Horrorpops

Bring It On ! (2005)

Enjoyable psychobilly from crazy Los-Angeles based Danish group Horrorpops

Hell Yeah (2004)

Variable eclectic guitar rock from Danish group Horrorpops, who "sound like a rockabilly No Doubt at their best, but at their worst as if the Flintstones formed a band"



Give 'Em the Boot Miscellaneous - Give 'Em the Boot

Anthony Strutt examines Dutch punk label Hellcat's new DVD 'Give 'Em the Boot', which features footage of some of the best bands on their roster including Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, Rancid, Horrorpops and the Dropkick Murphys

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