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Def Digby


Caption This EP (2014)

Eclectic limited edition new EP from extraordinary Watford-based dub/rock five-piece, DEF Digby



Def Digby
Interview Lucy Ward - Interview

Dave Goodwin at the Deerstock Festival speaks to Watford-based guitarist Jacob West about his new band Def Digby, which combines together dub, reggae and psychedelic influences, and their new eight-song mini-album


Deerstock Festival
East Bridgford, Nottinghamshire, 26/7/2013...28/7/2013 Miscellaneous - East Bridgford, Nottinghamshire, 26/7/2013...28/7/2013

Dave Goodwin finds incredible Nottinghamshire's Deerstock Festival, which saw appearances from over thirty indie acts including Def Digby, the Gorgeous Chans, Leetabix and the Doggen Star Band, which led by Spiritualized's Tony Foster, also includes members of Selecter and the Fratellis

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