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Darlene Love


Interview (2015)

Darlene Love - Interview

Lisa Torem speaks to 60's soul icon Darlene Love about ‘Introducing Darlene Love’, her new album produced by Steven Van Zandt, plans for filming her memoir and her forthcoming tour.

Interview (2011)

Darlene Love - Interview

Lisa Torem talks to pop legend Darlene Love about her five decade career and working with Phil Spector


Introducing Darlene Love (2015)

Versatile new album from 60's star Darlene Love which was produced by Steven Van Zandt and features fourteen high-energy tracks written by contemporary and classic songwriters

The Sound of Love: The Very Best of Darlene Love (2011)

First rate compilation of Darlene Love's hits from the 60's, some with Phil Spector, and both as a solo artist and also with acts such as the Blossoms and the Crystals

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