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Ty Segall


Babylon, Ottawa, 18/10/2010

Ty Segall - Babylon, Ottawa, 18/10/2010

Andrew Carver at the Babylon in Ottawa sees highly touted Californian Ty Segall play an enthuiastic set of loud, but lo-fi pop


Emotional Mugger (2016)

Obsessive yet disappointing garage rock on eighth album from much acclaimed Californian singer-songwriter, Ty Segall

Sleeper (2013)

Disorientating and mystifying but absolutely compelling blues album from San Francisco-based garage rocker Ty Segall, written in reaction to the death of his father

Cat Black (2013)

Mildly disappointing vinyl only single from usually excellent Californian singer-songwriter, Ty Segall

Would You Be My Love? (2013)

Catchy latest single taken from his excellent album 'Twins' from Californian singer-songwriter, Ty Segall

Twins (2012)

First-rate combination of garage punk and doo-wop on sixth solo album from American power-pop genius, Ty Segall

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