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Alison O' Donnell


Interview (2017)

Alison O' Donnell - Interview

Alison O'Donnell, the former front woman with 1960's/1970's pioneering folk outfit Mellow Candle, speaks to Malcolm Carter about her forthcoming second solo album,‘Climb Sheer The Fields Of Peace’


Profile (2020)

Alison O' Donnell - Profile

Malcolm Carter examines folk legend Alison O'Donnell's two new digital releases, a compilation of her 50-year career in music and a new set of songs with Head South By Weaving.


Exotic Masks and Sensible Shoes (2019)

Stunning collection of modern day folk songs on what is just the third solo album from 1960’s folk legend Alison O’Donnell

Climb Sheer The Fields Of Peace (2017)

Mellow Candle founder Alison O’Donnell’s new album is a collaboration with David Colohan of United Bible Studies but offers much more than its folk and electronica tag might suggest

Hey Hey Hippy Witch (2010)

Remarkably strong and often surprising solo album from folk artist and former front woman with 70's act Mellow Candle, Alison O'Donnell,

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