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Black Dice


Spitz, London, 31/3/2004

Black Dice - Spitz, London, 31/3/2004

New York ensemble and Fat Cat signings Black Dice recently toured Britain with their experimental music. Emma Haigh is enthralled by a show that is both "spontaneously individual, and strangely conversant between it’s three performers" at the London Spit


Mr Impossible (2012)

Chaotic, but mind expanding and unmissable latest album from New York-based experimental three-piece, Black Dice

Repo (2009)

Stunning combination of self-produced sounds and samples on fifth album from Brooklyn-based noise experimentalists, Black Dice

Broken Ear Record (2005)

Impressive new album from art rockers and latest EMI signings Black Dice, who merge bustling urban sounds with tribal minimalism

Creature Comforts (2004)

Excellent second album from Fat Cat signing Black Dice, which experiments with a wide menagerie of sounds

Miles Of Smiles (2004)

Stunning new EP from noise experimentalists and Fat Cat label signings Black Dice, which finds the band enforcing sounds from an increasingly unlikely set of devices and instruments

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