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Trash, Leeds, 13/11/2008

Whip - Trash, Leeds, 13/11/2008

Despite Mancurian electronic group the Whip's debut album, 'X Marks the Destination', being one of the better albums of the year, Russell Ferguson finds them soon running out of steam at a gig at the Leeds Trash


Song Song (2001)

This is Whip’s first full-length release after some singles and EPS. At only 25 minutes long it barely feels like a full release at all, which is a shame because some of the music it presents is promi


Interview Raveonettes - Interview

Danish duo the Raveonettes seven track debut mini album 'Whip It On' has earned the band favourable comparisions with My Bloody Valentine, the Jesus and Mary Chain, Ride and the Cramps. Anthony Strutt talks to his new favourite band

Dan Deacon
Academy 3, Manchester, 23/7/2007 Dan Deacon - Academy 3, Manchester, 23/7/2007

At the London Cargo Chris O' Toole watches Dan Deacon whip up and win over a particulary sour faced crowd with his hyper form of pop electronica

Willowz with Rory Lavelle and The Flaps
Babylon, Ottawa, 18/9/2005 Miscellaneous - Babylon, Ottawa, 18/9/2005

Psychedelic rockers the Willowz recently made a last minute visit to Ottawa. At a show attended by as a result only a small audience, Andrew Carver watches them nevertheless able to whip up a storm

Demolition Doll Rods
Dominion Tavern, Ottawa, 9/6/2004 Demolition Doll Rods - Dominion Tavern, Ottawa, 9/6/2004

Raunchy Detroit trio Demolition Doll Rods play with no bassist and two guitarists instead, and are notorious for their lack of stagewear. Andrew Carver watches them whip up the crowd at the Ottawa Dominion Tavern with their "wild'n' sexy guitar heroics'


Joy Zipper
American Whip Joy Zipper - American Whip

Not available from Pennyblackmusic, but still definitely worth checking out, Joy Zipper's lo-fi second album 'American Whip' is the latest release of David Holmes' 13 Amp records. Maarten Schiethart writes about one of the early great albums of the year

Whip It On Raveonettes - Whip It On

After profiling the original version of the Raveonettes 'Whip it On' last month which came out on Crunchy Frog , Anthony Strutt now looks at the new version of the album which has been released on Columbia, and concludes that it is even better

Whip It Up Raveonettes - Whip It Up

Denmark's the Raveonettes mix the energy and passion of the young Jesus and Mary Chain with the garage stomp of the Cramps on their debut album 'Whip it On'. Anthony Strutt profiles what he sees to be already one of the great indie releases of the year

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