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Tangerine Dream


The Sessions 1 (2018)

Remarkable live sessions from the latest incarnation of German pioneers Tangerine Dream which finds them returning to their improvisational beginnings



Claudia Brucken
Interview Claudia Brucken - Interview

Claudia Brucken, the former singer with Propaganda, talks to John Clarkaon about her new album 'Beginn', which she has collaborated on with electronic composer and ex-Tangerine Dream member Edgar Froese.

Thorsten Quaeschning
Interview Thorsten Quaeschning - Interview

Tangerine Dream leader and electronic composer Thorsten Quaeschning has released the soundtrack to forthcoming thriller film 'Cargo'. He speaks about it and why Tangerine Dream decided to continue recording music after the death of its founder Edgar Froese in 2015.

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