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Anna Kashfi


Interview (2008)

Anna Kashfi - Interview

John Clarkson speaks to Sian Webley and James Youngjohns from Manchester alt.country group, who have returbed for a third interview with us, about their second gull length album, 'Procurement'

Interview (2005)

Anna Kashfi - Interview

Drawing comparisions with the Velvet Underground, Mazzy Star, and the Jesus and Mary Chain, Anna Kashfi have just released their long-awaited debut album 'Palisade'. John Clarkson talks to singer Sian Webley and multi-instrumentalist James Youngjohns.

Interview (2004)

Anna Kashfi - Interview

Dreamy and melancholic Manchester-based group Anna Kashfi recently returned with a new single after over a two year absence. With an album on its way, they speak to John Clarkson about their new expanded line-up and extraordinary namesake


A Lonely Place (2010)

Poetically evocative and dreamy new single from Manchester-based Americana act, Anna Kashfi,

Survival (2010)

Forceful latest album from always inventive Manchester-based band Anna Kashfi, who with an increasing emphasis of humour continue to expand with each new recording

Procurement (2008)

Spellbinding collection of aching laments, sore truths and naked confessions on second full-length album from much under-rated Manchester-based band, Anna Kashfi

Lakeside Call (2004)

Excellent alternative country from Manchester-based group Anna Kashfi, back with a new single after an absence of over three years

Philokalia (2002)

Six track mini album from Mancurian alternative country duo, limited to 200 copies and on 10' white vinyl, 'with a stark, but symphonic beauty and a fragile, evocative power'.



Interview Lammergeiers - Interview

Last Harbour and Anna Kashfi's James Youngjohns speaks to John Clarkson about his new project Lammergeiers and their debut album, 'And I Will Wake the Dawn Itself'.

Crazy Man Michael
Interview Crazy Man Michael - Interview

A member of Last Harbour and Anna Kashfi, Mancurian musician Michael Dorward has just released his own album, the 60s folk-tinged 'The Green Light', under the moniker of Crazy Man Michael. He talks to Malcolm Carter about its making and balancing the different strands of his busy musical career

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