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Jeff Buckley


Grace (2002)

Jeff Buckley - Grace

I haven't really had this album for very long, just a couple of months, but it's still up there with my all time favourite albums. It's really hard for me to find one album that I can consider the best in my CD collection, so I'm not going to call this my


Ten Songs That Made Me Love... (2016)

Jeff Buckley - Ten Songs That Made Me Love...

Adrian Janes in 'Ten Songs That Made Me Love...' reflects on his ten favourite songs by Jeff Buckley



Anthony Reynolds
Interview Anthony Reynolds - Interview

In what is our third interview with him John Clarkson speaks to former Jack front man Anthony Reynolds about 'Blues for Bobby Solo', the new EP he has recorded with La Muneca de Sal, and his two recent books on the Walker Brothers and Jeff Buckley and forthcoming one on Leonard Cohen

Kelley Stoltz
Interview Kelley Stoltz - Interview

Kelley Stoltz is a San Francisco-based multi-instrumentalist. Anthony Strutt speaks to him about 'Crockodials', his re-recording of Echo and the Bunnyme's 'Crocodials', his new album 'Below the Branches', and his early career working with Jeff Buckley


Brickyards, Carlisle, 7/10/2005 Miscellaneous - Brickyards, Carlisle, 7/10/2005

London-based trio Stoner have elements, among others, of both Led Zeppelin and Jeff Buckley. At a sadly unattended show in Carlisle, Sarah Johnston watches them rise above the occasion and play a superb set


Rise of New Folk Miscellaneous - Rise of New Folk

The new folk movement has been on the rise for a couple of years. Withartists such as Elliot Smith, Jeff Buckley and Nick Drake popular all over again, and new ones such as Damien Rise in the charts, Mark Rowland profiles the new movement

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