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Hey Negrita


Interview (2008)

Hey Negrita - Interview

At a show in Glasgow, John Clarkson speaks to acclaimed country/blues outfit Hey Negrita about their third album 'You Can Kick', line-up changes and renewed sense of energy and creativity

Interview (2006)

Hey Negrita - Interview

Much acclaimed London-based Americana blues outfit Hey Negrita are about to release their second album 'The Buzz Above'. Front man Felix Bechtolsheimer talks to John Clarkson about the messy break-up that provided the inspiration for its recording

Interview (2005)

Hey Negrita - Interview

Hey Negrita's guitarist and vocalist Felix Bechtolsheimer was lucky to survive a long-standing battle against drug and addiction. He talks to John Clarkson about the impact this has had on his country and blues act's debut album 'We are Catfish'


Oran Mor, Glasgow, 17/6/2008

Hey Negrita - Oran Mor, Glasgow, 17/6/2008

After a difficult year in which two of its principal members quit, John Clarkson at Oran Mor in Glasgow watches the new line-up of previously melancholic London-based blues/country rockers Hey Negrita play a blistering set fused with a new found spirit of optimism

Academy, Manchester, 28/10/2006

Hey Negrita - Academy, Manchester, 28/10/2006

The support band to an acoustic Alabama 3 on their latest tour, Helen Tipping watches Hey Negrita's darkly humorous brand of alt. country have an infectious effect on the audience at the Manchester Academy


Burn the Whole Place Down (2009)

Energetic and fresh-sounding acoustic reworkings of old material on latest album from London-based country/blues outfit, Hey Negrita

You Can Kick (2008)

Superb third album from London-based country/blues band Hey Negrita, which, despite its often bleak subject matter and recorded at the end of a particularly turbulent time in the group’s career, proves to be ultimately an album of fun and defiant hope

Rope (2008)

Stunning new single from Americana group Hey Negrita, who having survived significant line-up changes have their third album out later this year

Nine To Five (2006)

Surprisingly disappointing latest single from their 'The Buzz Above' from London-based Americana/blues rockers, Hey Negrita

Abandon Ship (2006)

Impressive latest EP from London-based Americana/blues outfit Hey Negrita , which is drawn from their just released second album 'The Buzz Above'

The Buzz Above (2006)

Melancholic, but powerful and rewarding second album from outstanding London-based Americana /blues outfit Hey Negrita

Can't Walk Away (2006)

Dark, but rewarding new single from London-based bluesy Americana outfit Hey Negrita, which precludes their forthcoming second album

Old Britannia (2005)

Excellent latest single from darkly humorous London-based blues-influenced American group Hey Negrita

Devil In My Shoes (2005)

Refreshingly free of self-pity autobiographical rock from Dylan-inspired former heroin addict Felix Bechfolsheimer's new band Hey Negrita



Curse of Lono
Interview Curse of Lono - Interview

John Clarkson speaks to Curse of Lono frontman Felix Bectolsheimer about 'As I Fell', his band's much acclaimed second album.

Curse of Lono
Interview Curse of Lono - Interview

Former Hey Negrita front man Felix Bechtolsheimer speaks to John Clarkson speaks about his new band Curse of Lono, their self-titled debut EP and plans for the future

Matthew Ord
Interview Joe Brown - Interview

Lisa Torem speaks to Matthew Ord, the guitarist with Hey Negrita, about his debut album of traditional folk music, 'Early in the Spring', and its strong Celtic influences


Beautiful Days Festival
Escot Park, Devon, 17/8/2007...18/8/2007 Miscellaneous - Escot Park, Devon, 17/8/2007...18/8/2007

The annual Beautiful Days Festival, which takes place in Devon, is run by the Levellers. Helen Tipping enjoys sets from New Model Army, Afro Celt Sound System, Devotcha, Hey Negrita and the Damned

Viarosa and Hey Negrita
Borderline, London, 11/4/2007

At the Borderline in London, Olga Sladeckova watches rising alt. country bands Viarosa and Hey Negrita, the latter playing its first gig in a new line-up, play stunning sets


Penny Black Music Bands Night
Profile Miscellaneous - Profile

We profile our 10th Penny Black Music Bands Night, which will take place from 3pm on September 9th at the London Spitz and feature sets from the Bitter Springs, Hey Negrita, Rothko, Friends, Saint Joan, Kelman and Joe Gideon as well as music from the DJs at Uptight

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