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Charlotte Hatherley


Interview (2007)

Charlotte Hatherley - Interview

Ex-Ash guitarist Charlotte Hatherley talks to Sarah Maybank about leaving her former band and her just released second solo album, 'The Deep Blue'


Borderline, London, 24/10/2007

Charlotte Hatherley - Borderline, London, 24/10/2007

Sarah Maybank at the Borderline in London watches former Ash guitarist Charlotte Hatherley rework her second solo album 'The Deep Blue' to stunning effect as an intimate, 'Unplugged'-style acoustic set


New Worlds (2009)

Superbly off-kilter third solo album from former Ash guitarist, Charlotte Hatherley

Alexander (2009)

Excellent new single from former Ash guitarist Charlotte Hatherley, which finds her moving unexpectedly in a new alternative direction

I Want You to Know (2007)

Rockabilly-inspired second single from her second solo album, 'The Deep Blue', for ex-Ash guitarist Charlotte Hatherley

Bastardo (2005)

Second single from Ash guitarist Charlotte Hatherly's debut album 'Gray Will Fade', which while maintaining "the more obvious Ash sound still holds on to Charlottes own musical identity"

Summer (2004)

Official debut solo single from Ash guitarist Charlotte Hatherley, which proves to be a refreshing change of direction



Charlotte Hatherley
Interview Ash - Interview

Ash guitarist Charlotte Hatherley has just released her first solo album, 'Grey Will Fade'. She chats to John Clarkson about her plans to promote it amidst Ash's own busy schedule of promoting and touring commitments.


Northumbria University, Newcastle, 25/2/2007 Ash - Northumbria University, Newcastle, 25/2/2007

Back to being a three piece after the amicable departure of guitarist Charlotte Hatherley, Jonjo McNeill finds pop punk Ash have lost none of their passion in a sharp and edgy set at Northumbria University


Photoscapes Ash - Photoscapes

Andrew Twambley photographs Northern Ireland trio Ash who had temporarily reunited with their former guitarist Charlotte Hatherley at a gig at The Ritz in Manchester.

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