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Granite Shore


Interview (2017)

Granite Shore - Interview

Nick Halliwell found that there was only one way he could vent his anger over the European referendum result - make a new album with his group, The Granite Shore. He tells Malcolm Carter about the influences behind this album, in particular his love of that most European of pop bands, Abba.

Interview (2015)

Granite Shore - Interview

Occultation Recordings owner Nick Halliwell talks about his band The Granite Shore's long-awaited debut album, 'Once More From The Top’, which is a concept album about a group, and his difficulty in getting it released


Profile (2015)

Granite Shore - Profile

Malcolm Carter reflects on Distractions' guitarist and Occultation Recordings' boss Nick Halliwell's band the Granite Shore's debut album ‘Once More From The Top’ which, out in May, he believes to be 'one of the most impressive and important albums not just of this year but the whole decade'


Suspended Second (2017)

Second album from the Granite Shore which is mainman Nick Halliwell’s angry response to Brexit and, wrapped in Abba-like melodies, one of the albums of the year



Occultation Recordings
Interview With Nick Halliwell Miscellaneous - Interview With Nick Halliwell

John Clarkson speaks to Nick Halliwell, who is also a songwriter, musician, producer and the front man with the Granite Shore, about his label Occultation Recordings, which puts a special focus on vinyl and has seen releases recently from the Distractions, the Wild Swans and Factory Star

June Brides
Interview with Phil Wilson June Brides - Interview with Phil Wilson

The June Brides combination of punk attitude and spiky pop made them one of the most endearing and copied independent groups in the UK in the 80's. Gary Wollen talks to vocalist Phil Wilson about the group's short, but influential three year history

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