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Interview (2006)

Boyfriends - Interview

One of the most praised new bands in indie rock, the Boyfriends are about to release their second single 'Adult Acne'. Anthony Strutt chats to them about their influences and plans to release an album

Interview (2006)

Boyfriends - Interview

Astrid Williamson has recently returned with her fourth album 'Day of the Lone Wolf'. John Clarkson speaks to her backstage in Glasgow on the first date of her largest tour since the 90's supporting Darren Hayes about her decade long musical career


Boyfriends (2006)

Anthemic and stunning long-awaited debut from London indie guitar four piece, the Boyfriends

Once Upon a Time (2006)

Anthemic third single from London-based band the Boyfriends, which has been released just ahead of their self-titled album

Adult Acne (2006)

Surprisingly funk and reggae-influenced second single from rising London band the Boyfriends

I Love You (2005)

Stunning feedback-dominated 7" debut single from the Boyfriends, whom include in their line-up two former members of Jack



This Many Boyfriends
Deaf Institute, Manchester, 23/2/2012 This Many Boyfriends - Deaf Institute, Manchester, 23/2/2012

Dixie Ernil finds that Northern indie pop group This Many Boyfriends grasp and replicate the the true spirit of C-86 perfectly in a chaotic, but energetic show at the Deaf Institute in Manchester

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