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Laurence Juber


Interview (2012)

Laurence Juber - Interview

Lisa Torem speaks to former Wings guitarist Laurence Juber about his finger style technique and working with Paul McCartney


Old Town School, Chicago, 19/5/2012

Lisa Torem attends former Wings' guitarist/composer Laurence Juber's one off guitar workshop in the afternoon, and then watches him play a riveting solo concert later that night at Chicago's Old Town School.


Guitar with Wings (2014)

Laurence Juber - Guitar with Wings

Liss Torem looks at former Wings guitarist Laurence Juber's new photographic memoir, 'Guitar with Wings'


I Can’t Stop Playing the Beatles (2017)

New acoustic album from guitarist Laurence Juber which gives Beatles fans an evocative spectrum of taste and of skill

Soul of Light (2012)

Intimate collection of acoustic instrumentals on twentieth solo album from ex-Wings guitarist, Laurence Juber

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