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Interview (2012)

Toy - Interview

Anthony Strutt speaks to Maxim Barron about acclaimed Korg Delta led five-piece TOY’s two recent singles and his band’s debut album which will be out later this year.


Band on the Wall, Manchester, 9/11/2019

Toy - Band on the Wall, Manchester, 9/11/2019

Amanda J Window and her husband spend their wedding anniversary with TOY as the band play a special gig in Manchester.

Gorilla, Manchester, 24/2/2014

Toy - Gorilla, Manchester, 24/2/2014

Despite sound problems, Mary O'Meara finds much acclaimed London-based 60's-influenced/psychedelic act to be irresistible at Gorilla in Manchester

Rough Trade East, London, 11/12/2013

Toy - Rough Trade East, London, 11/12/2013

In the first of two record store appearances in a month to promote their new album 'Join the Dots', Anthony Strutt watches young psychedelic-influenced rockers Toy play a breathtaking show at Rough Trade East...

Banquet Records, Kingston, 7/1/2014

Toy - Banquet Records, Kingston, 7/1/2014

...and finds them equally on form at a show at Banquet Records in Kingston


Join the Dots (2013)

Outstanding second album from London-based psychedelic/shoegazing five-piece act, Toy

Toy (2012)

Fantastic debut album from acclaimed psychedelic-influenced London-based outfit, TOY

Left Myself Behind/Clock Chime (2012)

Stunning debut single from psychedelic-influenced London-based band Toy, who have with both the Horrors and the Pretty Things

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