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Wedding Present


Interview (2021)

Wedding Present - Interview

Wedding Present frontman David Gedge speaks to Andrew Twambley about ‘Locked Down and Stripped Back’, his band’s new album of home recordings and reworked material from its back catalogue.

Interview with David Gedge (2012)

Wedding Present - Interview with David Gedge

Cila Warncke chats to David Gedge from indie rockers the Wedding Present about his decision to move permanently to America and band's new album, 'Valentina'

Interview (2008)

Wedding Present - Interview

The Wedding Present have just released their latest album, 'El Rey'. Front man David Gedge talks to Mark Rowland about it, an eighteen month period living in Los Angeles and his recent return to Britain


Profile (2014)

Wedding Present - Profile

Mark Rowland reflects on the first decade of the Wedding Present's career, who are about to have their first six albums, from 1987's 'George Best' to 1996's 'Saturnalia', reissued in deluxe three CD and DVD boxsets


Lowry, Salford, 11//9/2016

Wedding Present - Lowry, Salford, 11//9/2016

Dixie Ernill watches the Wedding Present play a rare all-seater gig at the Lowry Theatre in Salford in which they performed all of their new album 'Going, Going...' in its entirety accompanied by a backdrop of specially made films

King George's Hall, Blackburn, 8/11/2014

Wedding Present - King George's Hall, Blackburn, 8/11/2014

Dixie Ernill finds the Wedding Present surprisingly off form at a show At the King George's Hall in Blackburn on their latest UK tour in which every night they played their fourth album, ‘Watusi’, in its entirety

O2 Academy, Leicester, 30/10/2013

Wedding Present - O2 Academy, Leicester, 30/10/2013

Anthony Strutt finds the Wedding Present on strong form at a show in Leicester in which they played in their entirety all twelve singles that they released across 1992 and which eventually made up their 'Hit Parade' compilations

Picturehouse, Holmfirth, 26/8/2012

Wedding Present - Picturehouse, Holmfirth, 26/8/2012

Dixie Ernill finds the Wedding Present's one day festival At the Edge of the Peaks in Holmfirth to be excellent, which also saw sets from reformed 80's indie rockers Cud, David Ford and David Gedge's other group Cinerama

Picturehouse, Holmfirth, 29/8/2011

Wedding Present - Picturehouse, Holmfirth, 29/8/2011

Despite slight sound problems, Dixie Ernill enjoys the Wedding Present's mini festival At the Edge of the Peaks at the Picturedome in Holmfirth which also includes sets from Darren Hayman and Cinerama, frontman David Gedge's other project

Picture Dome, Holmfirth, 26/8/2010

Wedding Present - Picture Dome, Holmfirth, 26/8/2010

Supported by their own side project Cinerama, Dixie Ernill watches the Wedding Present play a passionate set at a show to celebrate the 21st anniversary of their 'Bizarro' album at the Picture Dome in Holmfirth

Double Door, Chicago, 16/4/2010

Wedding Present - Double Door, Chicago, 16/4/2010

At the Double Door in Chicago, Lisa Torem watches the Wedding Present on an American tour to celebrate their 1989 'Bizarro' album and in which it was performed in full each night play and exuberant, powerful show in front of an excitable and fanatical audience

Tower Lounge,Blackpool, 27/7/2008

Wedding Present - Tower Lounge,Blackpool, 27/7/2008

In a rare appearance in Blackpool at its Tower Lounge venue, Dixie Ernill watches David Gedge's durable the Wedding Present play an energetic, excellent set

Picturedrome, Holmfirth, 31/3/2007

Wedding Present - Picturedrome, Holmfirth, 31/3/2007

In the unusual venue of the Holmfirth Picturedrome, Helen Tipping enjoys an impressive mixture of old and new songs from the reformed Wedding Present

Fibbers, York, 9/7/2006

Wedding Present - Fibbers, York, 9/7/2006

On the first of their last batch of gigs for the foreseeable future, Dixie Ernill watches David Gedge's reformed Wedding Present play a manic and powerful set to an ecsatstic audience at Fibbers in York

Forum, Tunbridge Wells, 25/3/2005

Wedding Present - Forum, Tunbridge Wells, 25/3/2005

The Conway Story have named themselves after 17th century philosopher, Anne Conway. Ana Grabov in Tunbridge Wells finds them "just too tryingly melancholic to listen to for an entire set"

Manchester Academy 3, Manchester, 21/2/2005

Wedding Present - Manchester Academy 3, Manchester, 21/2/2005

At an audience largely dominated by over excited middle aged men, Mark Rowland watches the reformed Wedding Present play a flawless set to an exuberant crowd, but sees David Gedge's Cinerama songs go down less well


Going, Going... (2016)

Brilliant return-to-form on ninth album from enduring indie stalwarts, the Wedding Present

Interstate 5 (2004)

Excellent first single in seven years for the much acclaimed the Wedding Present



Pains of Being Pure at Heart
Interview Pains of Being Pure At Heart - Interview

New York-based indie fuzzy pop group the Pains of Being Pure at Heart recently released their self-titled debut album on Fortuna Pop and toured Britain for the second time. Rachel Williams meets with them in London to chat about touring with the Wedding Present and the influences on their music

Indietracks Festival
Interview with Stuart Mackay Miscellaneous - Interview with Stuart Mackay

The Indietracks Festival takes place in a heritage train museum in Derbyshire, and this year will feature over fifty indie pop acts including the Wedding Present, Milky Wimpshake, ballboy, and Darren Hayman. Jamie Rowland speaks to organiser and founder Stuart Mackay about his festival

Cinerama/Wedding Present
Interview with David Gedge Cinerama - Interview with David Gedge

Cinerama are back with a new album 'Torino'. In an extensive interview Tommy Gunnarsson takes the opportunity to catch up with frontman David Gedge to talk about it, Ukranian folk music, and his years with the legendary the Wedding Present

Interview Cinerama - Interview

David Gedge, founder of Cinerama and erstwhile The Wedding Present front-man didn’t lean back on the sofa and put his hands behind his head. Nor did he stroll into the café, order a coffee – black –


Indietracks Festival
Midland Railway, Butterley, Derbyshire, 267/2008...27/8/2008 Miscellaneous - Midland Railway, Butterley, Derbyshire, 267/2008...27/8/2008

At the second ever Indietracks Festival, which takes place in a railway heritage site in Derbyshire, Jamie Rowland enjoys sets from indie pop/rock acts such as Herfner's Darren Hayman, the Bobby McGee's, the Wedding Present and ballboy

New York Knitting Factory, 21st May 2001 Cinerama - New York Knitting Factory, 21st May 2001

Honestly, I didn’t even want to go to the Cinerama concert. It was the last day of my life as I knew it, and it wasn’t going well. With nine people crammed into our 5-bedroom flat, we’d had to arrange a shower schedule – which meant I woke up at 6:4


Confessions of a Vinyl Junkie
December 2004/January 2005 Miscellaneous - December 2004/January 2005

In the latest in his 'Confessions of a Vinyl Junkie' series, obsessive record collector Dixie Ernill writes about his latest musical finds, including records by the Kitchens of Distinction, Gene and the Wedding Present

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