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Billy Childish


Interview (2007)

Billy Childish - Interview

At a concert in London, Mark Rowland speaks to controversial singer-songwriter Billy Childish about his new album 'Punk Rock at the British Legion Hall', his rejection of technology, his interest in painting and a recent show at the Royal Albert Hall

Interview (2005)

Billy Childish - Interview

Musician, poet , artist and underground legend Billy Childish has played in various bands over the years including the Pop Rivets, thee Headcoatees and the Buff Medways. Mark Rowland chats to him about his persistant refusal to play the media game


Archive From 1959 - The Billy Childish Story (2009)

Admirable career-spanning double CD compilation from eccentric Chatham-based musical outsider, Billy Childish, released to celebrate his 50th birthday



Television Personalities
Interview Television Personalities - Interview

Mark Rowland speaks Dan Treacy, the front man with influential C86/punk group the Television Personalities about his return to making music, his much publicised mental and physical health battles, and the band's new album which is due out next year

Holly Golighty
Interview Part 1 Holly Golightly - Interview Part 1

Holly Golighty has worked with the White Stripes, Mudhoney and Billy Childish, and has just released her 11th full-length album, 'Truly she is None Other'. In the first part of a 2 part interview, she talks to Mark Rowland about her long career


Television Personalities
Profile Television Personalities - Profile

With the first four Television Personalities LPs set for a reissue, Mark Rowland takes a look at their legacy

Punk Fiction Miscellaneous - Punk Fiction

Mark Rowland examines 'Punk Fiction', a charity collection of short stories, in which assorted writers including Nicholas Hogg, Martin Lloyd Edwards,John Niven, Kate Jackson, Billy Bragg and Billy Childish write short stories based on punk rock songs


Television Personalities
Barfly, London, 22/3/2006 Television Personalities - Barfly, London, 22/3/2006

At a busy night at the Barfly in London, Anthony Dhanendran watches the reformed Television Personalities play a sadly disappointing and shambolic show

Buff Medways
Gillingham Parklife Festival, 17/8/2002 Billy Childish And Buff Medways - Gillingham Parklife Festival, 17/8/2002

The godfather of garage rock, Billy Childish has put 100 albums under various monikers. Ben Howarth watches his latest band , the Buff Medways, put on an electrifying performance at a free festival in Kent


Television Personalities
Beautiful Despair Television Personalities - Beautiful Despair

Erick Mertz examines 'Beautiful Despair', a 'lost' Television Personalities from 1990, which has finally come out on Fire Records.

Television Personalities
And Dont The Kids Just Love It Television Personalities - And Dont The Kids Just Love It

All I remember about the first time I heard the Television Personalities is the vague sense of irritation I felt about the silliness of the song. It was 'Part Time Punks' from the 'Wanna Buy A Bridge'


Television Personalities Television Personalities - Television Personalities

In our competition we have ten copies of a Television Personalities 23 song tribute album, 'All Those Times We Spent Together', from Canadian label The Beautiful Music to give away

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