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Tim Buckley


My Fleeting House (2007)

Tim Buckley - My Fleeting House

'My Fleeting House' compiles together on DVD |all the performances 70's icon and singer-songwriter Tim Buckley made for television. Chris O' Toole finds it both limiting and fascinating at the same time


Happy Sad (2011)

Tim Buckley - Happy Sad

In our 'Re: View' series, in which our writers look back at albums from the past, Jon Rogers reflects upon the making of troubled Californian singer-songwriter Tim Buckley's 1969 third album, 'Happy Sad'


The Image That Made Me Weep (2020)

Tim Buckley - The Image That Made Me Weep

In 'The Image That Made Me Weep' Adrian Janes examines the melancholic back cover photograph of Tim Buckley's 1974 last studio album, ‘Look at the Fool’.

Ten Songs That Made Me Love... (2014)

Tim Buckley - Ten Songs That Made  Me Love...

In our series, in which our writers write about ten songs that made them love a favourite band or artist, Adrian Janes reflects on some of his favourite songs by Tim Buckley

Profile (2005)

Tim Buckley - Profile

It is thirty years since Tim Buckley died from a combination of alcohol and heroin. Mark Rowland profiles and reexamines the career of the legendary folk artist



Jann Klose
Interview Jann Klose - Interview

Lisa Torem chats to German-born singer-songwriter Jann Klose about his recent appearance in the film 'Greetings from Tim Buckley', his musical appearance and forthcoming next album

Lee Underwood
Interview Tiger Lillies And Contrastate - Interview

Lee Underwood spent the early part of his recording career and nine years working as Tim Buckley's regular guitarist, appearing on each of his records. He speaks to Chris O' Toole about Buckley's legacy, his life since his death in 1975 and the part he played in the development of a legend

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