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Albert Hall, Manchester, 8/2/2016

Suede - Albert Hall, Manchester, 8/2/2016

Mary O’Meara explores the nocturnal pondering and passions of Suede as they take over the shadowy interior of Manchester’s Albert Hall

Bush Hall, London, 27/10/2010

Suede - Bush Hall, London, 27/10/2010

Anthony Strutt enjoys a warm-up show for the reformed Suede at the small-sized venue of the Bush Hall, but questions whether they will be so effective at their next London show at the O2 Arena



Brett Anderson
Bush Hall, London, 7/3/2007 Brett Anderson - Bush Hall, London, 7/3/2007

At only what is his third ever gig as a solo artist, Anthony Strutt is impressed by former Suede star Brett Anderson's set at the London Bush Hall, and finds him at last having grown up

Virgin Megastore, London, 25/4/2005 Ted Reichman - Virgin Megastore, London, 25/4/2005

The Tears are the new band of Suede's Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler. At a Virgin in-store gig to promote their debut single. 'Refugees', Anthony Strutt, despite hating them first time around, finds himself enjoying the "old magic"


Mcalmont And Butler
The Sound of Mcalmont And Butler Mcalmont And Butler - The Sound of Mcalmont And Butler

Dave Goodwin reflects on McAlmont and Butler's 1995 debut album, 'The Sound of McAlmont and Butler', which has been released in a remastered double CD version


Brett Anderson Brett Anderson - Brett Anderson

Best known for being the former singer with the bestselling 90's Britpop act Suede, Brett Anderson recently played his first ever solo dates over the course of three nights at the Bush Hall in London. Anna Gudaniec photographs him exclusively for Pennyblackmusic at one of those dates

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