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Mcalmont And Butler - The Sound of Mcalmont And Butler

  by Dave Goodwin

published: 25 / 9 / 2015

Mcalmont And Butler - The Sound of Mcalmont And Butler
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Dave Goodwin reflects on McAlmont and Butler's 1995 debut album, 'The Sound of McAlmont and Butler', which has been released in a remastered double CD version

To my disbelief, it has been twenty years since I bought my original copy of 'The Sound of McAlmont and Butler'. Where has twenty years gone? I remember buying this on the strength of the hit single 'Yes', and it has been one of my favourite albums in my collection ever since. The reason for me asking where has that time gone is because if you listen to this album now it could as well have been recorded yesterday. It still sounds as relevant today. Released by Edsel, it has been fully remastered in a double CD version, and not by someone who hasn't got any prior knowledge of what he's listening to, but by Bernard Butler himself. David McAlmont and Bernard Butler had both already experienced success before they first met in 1994. Butler was the guitarist in Suede until his departure during the recording of their second album, 'Dog Man Star' and McAlmont had been part of the duo Thieves with Saul Freeman. 'Yes' was released in May 1995 and reached number 8 in the UK. It was written and recorded in a frantic three day session along with the second single from the album 'You Do' and two other tracks 'How About You?' and 'Don’t Call It Soul'. They appeared on the then ultra cool 'Later With Jools Holland' Check it out online when you get a few minutes. I guarantee that it will bring back some memories and make the hair stand up on the back of your neck again. 'You Do' reached number 17 in the same year. It would be several years later before they knocked on my music door again with their fabulous new collaboration and next single 'Falling' in 2002. This was followed by another single, 'Bring It Back', and an album of the same name came later that year along with a tour in the UK and Ireland that also took in various festival and radio appearances. Although a song 'Speed', recorded for a third album, was released on Rough Trade Records in 2006 that third album remains unfinished - partially recorded and awaiting completion. So, we are told. This new version of 'The Sound of McAlmont and Butler' houses the original, remastered album and a fantastic second CD which contains all sorts of extra tracks, including a demo version of 'Yes' which I actually like better than the original with its massive synth sound and a cool four-track version of the same track it. Check out the vocals on the demo version of 'You Do' which also appeas again in aa different mix one track later. Other tracks hiding in here are a great original version of 'How About You?' and an up-to-date remix of 'What's the Excuse This Time?' The package also comes with a DVD with all sorts of promos as well as that legendary performance on 'Later...' and also has an hour long interview with both McAlmont and Butler. Marvellous!

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Mcalmont And Butler - The Sound of Mcalmont And Butler

Mcalmont And Butler - The Sound of Mcalmont And Butler

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