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Brett Anderson - Bush Hall, London, 7/3/2007

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 23 / 3 / 2007

Brett Anderson - Bush Hall, London, 7/3/2007


At only what is his third ever gig as a solo artist, Anthony Strutt is impressed by former Suede star Brett Anderson's set at the London Bush Hall, and finds him at last having grown up

Tonight is Brett Anderson's third and last night at the Bush Hall. All three nights have sold out pretty much in seconds. Unlike everyone else here, I am not a fan. I came here to interview him, but then he cancelled a few hours before the gig. A lot of my close friends, however, worship him. His first band Suede replaced the Smiths for them, filling up a huge gap in their lives after the Smiths broke up. Brett's eponymous first solo album is very grown up, mature and elegant, rather than being a full on-guitar rock record as might have been expected. Tonight is only his third ever gig as a solo artist, and it is very special to everyone here. There are 'No Photography' signs everywhere, but as soon as he steps on stage hundreds of cameras are whipped out. The main set, which features a full band, isn't as wild and as rushed as Suede. Instead it like Suede has finally grown up, and Brett even keeps his arse in his trousers. 'To the Winter' opens the set, and, while lovely on record,it is greeted as a lost friend, which is strange as, with the album not out for another three weeks, other than any journalists there who have been given advance promo copies and the hardcore fans who have attended all three shows, most of the audience will be hearing this and the majority of the set for the first time. 'Love is Dead', the first single, is next. 'Dust and Rain' has wild wah wah guitar, and is more theatrical in style than the previous two songs. 'Intimacy' is more meatier than on record,and has a great melody, words and rhythm to it. 'The Infinite Kiss' is an album highlight and stands out well tonight. 'The Two of Us', which comes from their second 'Dog Star Man'album , is the first Suede song of the night and is played in a stripped down fashion. 'The Colour of the Night' is laid back and elegantly played, while 'One Lazy Morning', the title of which alone suggests that it has more resemblance to Suede, is very full on. 'Back to You' follows. Brett then tells us how much fun he is having. and the crowd go wild. The last song of the main set is 'S.F.M.F.' It is religious and reflective in tone, and, not on the album or a even a B side yet, is so far unreleased. Before they leave, Brett promises there may be an encore. He returns for the it bearing an acoustic guitar and plays rather well 'Europe is Our Playground', a well respected Suede B side. From here on the crowd go mad, as the rest of the encore is played in a fast full on fast fashion in the style of Suede, which is perhaps not really surprising as Suede's bass player, Matt Osman, is in the band. All the songs in the encore are Suede songs and, as well as 'Europe is Our Playground', it also consists of 'The Wild Ones', 'Everything Will Flow' and 'Can't Get Enough' from 'Head Music' , and then the Brit pop anthems 'Filmstar' and 'Trash'. After Brett leaves the stage for the last time, the more-than-by-now-crazy audience go home exhausted but very happy. The photographs that accompany this article were taken by Anna Gudaniec exclusively for Pennyblackmusic

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Brett Anderson - Bush Hall, London, 7/3/2007

Brett Anderson - Bush Hall, London, 7/3/2007

Brett Anderson - Bush Hall, London, 7/3/2007

Brett Anderson - Bush Hall, London, 7/3/2007

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Brett Anderson (2007)
Brett Anderson - Brett Anderson
Best known for being the former singer with the bestselling 90's Britpop act Suede, Brett Anderson recently played his first ever solo dates over the course of three nights at the Bush Hall in London. Anna Gudaniec photographs him exclusively for Pennyblackmusic at one of those dates


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