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Interview with Jason Pierce (2004)

Spiritualized - Interview with Jason Pierce

Backstage at a gig in Exeter, Spiritualized frontman Jason Pierce talks to Ben Howarth about the band's latest album 'Amazing Grace' and the group's current hard touring schedule


Royal Festival Hall, London, 1/8/2004

Spiritualized - Royal Festival Hall, London, 1/8/2004

In the luxurious surroundings of London's Royal Festival Hall, Dominic Simpson watches Spiritualized play a frequently spellbinding set, but is left wondering, after 20 years of perfecting his vision, where frontman Jason Pierce might go next

Lemon Grove, Exeter University, Exeter, 3/2/2004

Spiritualized - Lemon Grove, Exeter University, Exeter, 3/2/2004

At his third Spiritualized show in two years, Ben Howarth discovers that the band's hard touring schedule has pushed them towards new boundaries


Ladies and Gentlemen, We are Floating in Space (2002)

Spiritualized - Ladies and Gentlemen, We are Floating in Space

In the latest in our series, in which a different one of our writers writes about a favourite album of his or her choice,Cila Warncke examines Spiritualized's 1997 masterpiece 'Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space'


Sweet Heart, Sweet Light (2012)

Self-indulgent and over-intense latest album from psychedelic rockers, Spiritualized

Songs in A & E (2008)

Long delayed latest album from Spiritualized, which released after a serious illness left front man Jason Pierce fighting for his life in intensive care, shows itself to have been very much worth the wait

Amazing Grace (2003)

Much-hyped latest offering from Spiritualized, which unfortunately, however, does not live to its claim of being a return to frontman Jason Pierce's Spacemen 3's roots



Interview Laura Marling - Interview

Dave Goodwin chats to Spiritualized and Julian Cope guitarist and Nottingham-based engineer and producer Tony 'Doggen' Foster about working with Jake Bugg on his debut solo album and his musical career

Jonny Mattock
Interview Spacemen 3 - Interview

Jonny Mattock is the former drummer with Spacemen 3 , Spiritualized, the Breeders and the Perfect Disaster, and the current drummer with Slipstream, Lupine Howl and Applecraft . He talks to Olga Sladeckova about his busy musical career

Sunshine Valley Dance Band
Interview Miscellaneous - Interview

Featuring former members of Ultrasound and Spiritualized, London based trio the Sunshine Valley Dance Band's music has a similar energy and charisma. Olga Sladeckova chats to bassist Vanessa Best

Damon Reece
Interview Lupine Howl - Interview

A producer on his girlfriend ex-Cocteau Twin Elizabeth Fraser's new album, Damon Reece has also drummed with Echo and the Bunnymen, Spiritualized and helped to found Lupine Howl. He talks to Anthony Strutt about his interesting career.


Deerstock Festival
East Bridgford, Nottinghamshire, 26/7/2013...28/7/2013 Miscellaneous - East Bridgford, Nottinghamshire, 26/7/2013...28/7/2013

Dave Goodwin finds incredible Nottinghamshire's Deerstock Festival, which saw appearances from over thirty indie acts including Def Digby, the Gorgeous Chans, Leetabix and the Doggen Star Band, which led by Spiritualized's Tony Foster, also includes members of Selecter and the Fratellis

All Tomorrow's Parties
Minehead, Somerset, 27/4/2007...29/4/2007 Miscellaneous - Minehead, Somerset, 27/4/2007...29/4/2007

At the latest All Tomorrow's Parties weekend, this time curated by Bad Seeds and Dirty Three violinist Warren Ellis, Anthony Dhanendran sees sets from bands as diverse as the Only Ones, Low, Spiritualized, Grinderman and Joanna Newsom

Primal Scream/Spiritualized
Brixton Academy, London, 16/10/2004 Primal Scream - Brixton Academy, London, 16/10/2004

At a special charity gig with Spiritualized as support, Olga Sladeckova at her third Primal Scream gig of the year suffers for her art and is bitten by a fellow member of the audience


Re : View-Honey Tongue
Nude Nudes Miscellaneous - Nude Nudes

Jon Rogers profiles Honey Tongue's virtually forgotten classic from 1992, 'Nude Nudes', a one-off collaboration between the Breeders and Perfect Disaster's Josephine Wiggs and ex-Spiritualized/Spacemen 3 drummer, Jon Mattock


Vinyl Stories
Doggen Laura Marling - Doggen

In his Vinyl Stories column Dave Goodwin speaks to record producer and Spiritualized and Julian Cope guitarist Tony 'Doggen' Foster about his record collection

Soundtrack of Our Lives
And My Soul Has Been Spiritualized Miscellaneous - And My Soul Has Been Spiritualized

In the latest in our 'Soundtrack of Our Lives' series, in which our writers write about the personal impact of music on our lives, Jonjo McNeill describes how Spiritualized's early 1995 album, 'Pure Phase', helped him re-evaluate his Catholic upbringing

Soundtrack of Our Lives
Love on the Radio and Spiritualized Miscellaneous - Love on the Radio and Spiritualized

In the latest in our series, in which our writers write about the importance of music at memorable times in their lives, Chris Jones writes about falling in and out of love whilst playing tracks from Spiritualized's 'Lazer Guided Melodies' on his university campus radio show

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