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Six By Seven


Interview (2017)

Six By Seven - Interview

Chris Olley from psychedelic post-punks Six By Seven speaks to Denzil Watson about their reformation in their original line-up for two shows in Nottingham and London and the vinyl reissue of their classic 2000 album 'The Closer You Get'

Interview (2012)

Six By Seven - Interview

Acclaimed drone/space-rockers Six by Seven announced last month they have reformed. Frontman Chris Olley talks to Richard Lewis about a new nine album box set retrospective of the band’s and his solo work, their future plans, the state of the music industry and photographing Bill Hicks

Interview (2005)

Six By Seven - Interview

Abrasive Nottingham rockers Six by Seven have suffered both the loss of their record company and principal members during the last few years. Frontman Chris Olley talks to John Clarkson about the band's survival against the odds and latest album 'O4'

Interview (2002)

Six By Seven - Interview

The hordes started queuing up hours ago. Teenage girls are clustering around the tourbuses and every entrance and exit. After all, tonight’s entertainment is the band whose aftershow buffet includes c


Sheffield Leadmill, 23/11/2002

Six By Seven - Sheffield Leadmill, 23/11/2002

Despite recently being dropped by Mantra Records, shortly after releasing their critically acclaimed third album, 'The Way I Feel Today', Six by Seven have lost none of their passion.. Denzil Watson catches them in intense form at the Sheffield Leadmill


The Closer You Get (2017)

Six By Seven - The Closer You Get

Dave Goodwin reflects on Nottingham-based post punks Six by Seven's 2000 second album 'The Closer You Get' which has just been released on vinyl along with their' Peel Sessions' and also on CD a new 'Greatest Hits' compilation


Love and Peace and Sympathy (2013)

Melancholic but immense-in-sound and powerful comeback album from Nottingham-based space rockers/punks, Six by Seven

Club Sandwich At The Peveril Hotel (2006)

Uninspiring collection of live studio recordings, demos and finished masters on possible final album from abrasive Nottingham group, Six by Seven

Artists, Cannibals, Poets, Thieves (2005)

Abrasive, but boldly experimental fifth album from Nottingham indie rockers, Six by Seven, who remain defiantly uncompromising

All My New Best Friends (2002)

Oddly mellow, but acerbic EP release from the acid-toned Six by Seven

The Way I Feel Today (2002)

"Unrelenting combination of raw emotion, noise and imaginative song writing", and possible breakthrough third album from "uncompromising indie-rock outsiders" Six by Seven



Chris Olley
Interview Chris Olley - Interview

Former Six By Seven frontman recently released his debut solo album, 'A Streetcar Named Disaster'. Denzil Watson talks to him about life after Six By Seven, the new album and selling effects pedals to the Arctic Monkeys

Model Morning
Interview Model Morning - Interview

Nottingham-based shoegazing act Model Morning released their debut EP, 'Your Worst Enemy', on the ClubAC30 label last year. Anthony Strutt chats to the group, which includes former members of Six by Seven and Echoboy, about how the EP and the group's brief history


Boo Radleys
C'mon Kids Boo Radleys - C'mon Kids

In the latest in our 'Re : View' series, in which our writers re-examine on albums from the past, Jonjo McNeill writes about the impact on him of the Boo Radleys 1996 avant-garde nasterpiece, 'C'mon Kids'

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