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Model Morning - Interview

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 12 / 2 / 2007

Model Morning - Interview


Nottingham-based shoegazing act Model Morning released their debut EP, 'Your Worst Enemy', on the ClubAC30 label last year. Anthony Strutt chats to the group, which includes former members of Six by Seven and Echoboy, about how the EP and the group's brief history

Pennyblackmusic caught up with shoegazing label ClubAC30's Model Morning, having being blown away at their second ever gig in which they supported Mark Gardener of Ride and Televise at the London Luminaire last year. Model Morning consists of Peter Morley on vocals, Chris Moore on guitar, both of whom we spoke to, Rob McCleary on guitar, who looks like a young Marc Bolan, Ed Keenan on drums, and Richard Davidson on bass guitar. The band hail from Nottingham, and feature former members of Six by Seven and Echoboy. The group has been described as having "a love of early 90's shoegaze crossed with new bands of today such as Boxer Rebellion and Amusement Parks On Fire" and released its six song debut EP, 'Your Worst Enemy' last year. PB : I saw you guys at the London Luminaire and I was told that was only your second ever gig. Is that correct? PM : Yeah. PB : I would imagine you did a lot of rehearsing to be that good so early on in your live career. PM : Well, we have all been in various bands over the years and so we just felt we should stick ourselves in a studio and get ourselves into the right place musically first before we started sending stuff out and before we started to play live. CM : We couldn't find anyone to join the band originally. At the time there was just Rob, Pete and I and that was it. Both Pete and I can both play drums and bass and basically we couldn't get anyone else to join the band, so we spent some money on some nice recording equipment. We built our own home studio and took things from there. PM : Originally it was just about writing, writing, writing. We must of written about 30 tracks, and after that we thought "Now we want to get a band together to play these songs live", and we found Ed and Richard. PB : Why did you call the band Model Morning ? CM : I have always liked the word 'Model' for some reason. PM : We wanted to call it 'Model' something... CM : It was after an Echoboy song. A guy I was working with at the time said "What about Morning ?" PM : It was more than that. Chris was in Echoboy for a while. We have both lead something of a rock'n'roll lifestyle. We have both burnt the candle at both ends, so Model Morning is something of a step back for us and also a new beginning. It is a chance for us to have a proper go at things... PB : How long have you known each other then ? PM : Chris and I have known each other for about 10 years. CM : We joined the same band together and then I met Rob through work. PB : Are you based in London now then ? PM : No,we travel down from Nottingham. We can easily drive down, and we have a house up there in which our studio is in and which is cheaper then renting a flat in London. PB : What attracted you to sign to ClubAC30 ? PM : They have so many great bands. Chris is a massive Slowdive fan and they have Televise (which features Simon Scott, the former drummer with Televise). They are into the same stuff as us and they love us. CM : We love those shoegazing guitar sounds but we also love proper hard hitting beats. PM : We want to do shoegazing but with strong bass, strong drums and strong vocals. I like Bowie and Zeppelin, while Chris likes shoegazing. We like to take things from different areas, but we meet a common ground in the band. PB : What has been the reaction to the debut EP ? PM : Pretty good. We got one amazing review in which the review was better then my lyrics. PB : What are your future plans ? Are you going to be doing some more gigs ? CM : We are going to do a few more and then will go back into the studio and write a bit more. At the end of the day we would like to sign to a major, and we would like to give ClubAC30 loads of money because they have treated us so well. PB : Thank you. Model Morning play their next gig at the Jamm, formely the Telegraph in Brixton in London on April 6th.

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Model Morning - Interview

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Your Worst Enemy (2006)
Stunning six-song debut EP from new British-based shoegazing band Model Morning

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