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Interview (2007)

Loves - Interview

Simon Love, the front man with bubblegum punks the Loves, has hired and fired nearly 30 musicians since forming the Loves in his parents' garage in 2000. Sarah Maybank speaks to him about this and his group's much acclaimed second album the Loves

Interview (2002)

Loves - Interview

One of the rising stars of the Track and Field label, Cardiff's the Loves have recently released their second single 'Just Like Bobby D'. Gary Wollen is enraptured with their cool reckless charm and personable optimism


Toynbee Arts Cafe, London, 21/2/2003

Loves - Toynbee Arts Cafe, London, 21/2/2003

With their debut album out shortly, Cardiff's the Loves are one of the great hopes of British indie pop. Gary Wollen finds their "crash, bang, wallop concoction of the coolest 60's underground chic" and "Bubblegum accessibility" to be irresistible

London Betsey Trotwood, 24/5/2002

Loves - London Betsey Trotwood, 24/5/2002

Despite being treated with antipathy in their native Cardiff, Gary Wollen discoversthe Loves' recent gig in London to be "a genuine reason to believe in music again"


True Love: The Most of The Loves (2024)

Overdue detailed retrospective of The Loves’ 11-year career from 2000-2011 over three dozen tracks.

...Love You (2011)

Magical 60's-influenced indie pop on fourth and final album from Cardiff-based band, the Loves

December Boy (2010)

Timeless-sounding, Phil Spector-influenced new single from Cardiff-based indie pop group, the Loves

Three (2009)

Fine, if by now sometimes formulaic third album of hook-riddled, fuzzed-up bubblegum pop from Cardiff-based group with a rapidly changing membership, the Loves

The Ex Gurlfriend EP (2009)

Infectious new download only single from Cardiff-based indiepop act the Loves

One-Two-Three (2007)

Catchy glam-rock spiced with punk-rock aggression from 60's and 70's influenced Welsh group, the Loves

Technicolour (2007)

Hook-laden second album of 60's influenced fuzzy garage rock from Welsh indiepop rockers with an ever evolving line-up, the Loves

Love (2004)

"Conciously retro", but "insanely catchy" indiepop on long-awaited debut from Cardiff's the Loves

Shake Yr Bones (2003)

Familiar, but comforting indiepop on new single from Cardiff group, the Loves

Just Like Bobby D (2002)

"Audacious coalition of anything cool, sixties and underground" from former Inspiral Carpets' frontman Tom Hingley's new band, the Loves


Interview School - Interview

Dixie Ernill speaks to Liz Hunt, the front woman with 60's-influenced indie pop band The School about their forthcoming third album, ‘Wasting Away and Wondering', influences and the current indie pop scene

Stella Burns
Interview Stella Burns - Interview

In his first full-length interview in English, Tuscany-based musician and front-man with the acclaimed Hollowblue Gianluca Maria Sorace speaks about his Ennio Morricone and Calexico-inspired new project Stella Burns and its debut album 'Stella Burns Loves You'

A Little Orchestra
Interview A Little Orchestra - Interview

John Clarkson chats to Bobby Barry and Natalie Hudson from the ten-piece A Little Orchestra about their debut album 'Clocks', which features contributions from Darren Hayman, ballboy's Gordon McIntyre, the Loves' Simon Love and Swedish singer-songwriter Lisa Bouvier

Interview School - Interview

Anthony Strutt speaks to Liz Hunt, the vocalist and keyboardist with eight-piece Cardiff-based indie pop group the School, about her previous band the Loves and fronting such an extensive line-up


Ruby Lounge, Manchester, 27/5/2012 School - Ruby Lounge, Manchester, 27/5/2012

Cardiff-based band the School give a lesson in twee-pop. Dixie Ernill is keen for a double lesson

Fortuna Pop! Winter Sprinter
Lexington, London, 4/1/2011 Miscellaneous - Lexington, London, 4/1/2011

Anthony Strutt watches sets from the Loves, Standard Fare and Evans the Death on the first night of Fortuna Pop!'s three day Winter Sprinter festival at the Lexington in London...

Bethnal Green Pleasure Unit, London, 11/11/2006 Levellers - Bethnal Green Pleasure Unit, London, 11/11/2006

New Pennyblackmusic writer Sarah Maybank watches Welsh pop art punks the Loves play a vibrant and exciting set at Bethnal Green Pleasure Unit in London


Northern Soul
Ten Reasons That Made Me Love... Miscellaneous - Ten Reasons That Made Me Love...

Renamed' Ten Reasons That Made Me Love...' for one edition only, Dave Goodwin in 'Ten Songs That Made Me Love...'reflects on his passion for Northern Soul music and the things which he loves about it the most

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