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Kylie Minogue


White Diamond/Showgirl Homecoming (2008)

Kylie Minogue - White Diamond/Showgirl Homecoming

Kylie Minogue's new double DVD comprises of both a biography, 'White Diamond', about her return to the stage after her recent battle against cancer, and 'Showgirl Homecoming', a live concert film. Anthony Strutt finds that they will both appeal to Kylie and non-Kylie fans alike


Showgirl (2005)

Kylie Minogue - Showgirl

Anthony Strutt profiles Kylie Minogue's new live DVD, which shows a full show from London's Earl Court on her 'Showgirl' tour earlier this year


Showgirl Homecoming Live (2007)

Excellent double live CD recorded on the second date of Kylie Minogue's recently restarted world tour

Giving You Up (2005)

Kylie goes indie in sound with her new single, which fuses elements of New Order with the Who



Trembling Blue Stars
A Certain Blue Light Trembling Blue Stars - A Certain Blue Light

The Trembling Blue Stars are about to consolidate their position "as The Great Nineties Pop Band That Never Happened’ with a Best Of or Greatest Near-Hits. David McNamee looks back over their career and finds an odd resemblance in it to Kylie Minogue's

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