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BB Island


Ariel Sharratt and Mathias Kom (2020)

Never Work
Thoughtful and lyrically inventive folk/Americana on anti-capitalist second album from Canadian duo, Ariel Sharratt and Mathias Korn

Burning Hell (2022)

Garbage Island
Apocalyptic and nihilistic ninth album from Canadian post-punk/electronic band The Burning Hell

Dana Falconberry and Medicine Show (2016)

From the Forest Came the Fire
Melancholic but beautiful European debut album from Texas-based singer-songwriter Dana Falconberry and her band Medicine Bow

Lord Youth (2017)

Gray Gardens
Melancholic but eclectic and stripped-down blues on debut album from Berlin-based project Lord Youth

Mathias Kom & Toby Goodshank (2023)

Miller Time
Remarkable covers collection from Mathias Korn and Toby Goodshank of songs by American country artist Roger Miller

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