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Lord Youth - Gray Gardens

  by Dave Goodwin

published: 31 / 10 / 2017

Lord Youth - Gray Gardens
Label: BB Island
Format: CD


Melancholic but eclectic and stripped-down blues on debut album from Berlin-based project Lord Youth

If I asked you to guess what genre Lord Youth are best described as by listing the artists they like themselves such as Operation Ivy, Big Kitty, M. Rux, les Haferflocken Swingers, Sam Doores, Bad Brains, Hobart Smith, Roy Orbison, Trio Matamoros, Can, Chopin, Joseph Spence it wouldn't surprise me if you reported back in a state of confusion. It wouldn't surprise me because I have just learned the bizarre tale of their birth of said band. Lord Youth are a noir folk rock band which began as a recording project in an old Copenhagen attic once inhabited by hundreds of Danish pigeons. If you listen closely, you can apparently hear the crunch of feathers underneath the musicians' feet on their first EP. Lord Youth is the songwriting project of one Micah Blaichman, which began in the summer of 2013 at producer Anders Christophersen’s studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. Tracks were recorded on analog tap, sometimes with a full band and sometimes solo, and the result was a 4-track EP entitled 'Theater'. Lord Youth went on to perform live as a band at venues and select festivals in America and Europe, but then the city of Copenhagen decided to tear down their studio’s building to make way for a school. Not to be outdone, Blaichman and Christophersen built a new studio in Berlin, Germany in the summer of 2014 in a building that had once housed a blacksmith’s workshop. Their next EP, 'Lord Youth', was recorded over that summer and its sound was greatly influenced by the purchase of a Chilton Talentmaker which is an optical-disk keybo 'Grey Gardens', Lord Ghost's debut album, which has been released on BB Island, is stripped down blues at its best with a dark, melancholic underbelly. It all comes at you in sorrowful torrents. If you are looking for the perfect commercial sound of today, then this isn't for you because with the sad, super-talented Blaichman at the helm it jumps from place to place. I don't know which way to go with the genre on this one, but what the hell! Whatever it is it's got me...

Track Listing:-
1 Gray Gardens
2 Blue Yodel No. 526
3 Someone Was Singing Hi Ho Silver
4 Plastic Bombs
5 The Room Is on Fire
6 Moonbelly
7 Everybody's Listening to the Fire
8 What's That Sound?
9 I Built a Castle to 4 A.M.
10 Parable Blues
11 Buck's Dance
12 Cypress Grove

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