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Phantom Planet (2004)

Big Brat
Over-derivative Fall-influenced pop on new single from LA-based group, Phantom Planet, which includes several actors amongst its ranks



Darren Hayman
Interview Darren Hayman - Interview

As he prepared for the release of 'Home Time', his 17th album, Darren Hayman speaks to Ben Howarth about his most personal album and his reflections on the end of his epic, award-winning 'Thankful Villages' project.

Grant Hart
Interview Grant Hart - Interview

Paul Waller speaks to voclaist and one-time Husker Du drummer Grant Hart about his remarkable new album 'The Argument, which takes its concept from an unpublished William S. Burroughs manuscript inspired by John Milton’s epic poem ‘Paradise Lost’

Monroe Transfer
Interview Monroe Transfer - Interview

Epic and dramatic-sounding seven-piece London-based group the Monroe Transfer talk to Mark Rowland about about their entirely instrumental and unclassifiable brand of rock

Musee Mecanique
Interview Rolo Tomassi - Interview

Ben Howarth chats to Portland, Oregon-based epic pop act Musee Mecanique about their recent first British tour and debut album, 'Hold This Ghost'

Interview Silverland - Interview

London indie guitar band Silverland have just released their debut album, 'the epic-sounding Swimming Upstream.' Frontman Sam Jones talks to John Clarkson about the band's first two years and its making


Deaf Institute, Manchester, 21/5/2010 Airship - Deaf Institute, Manchester, 21/5/2010

At the Deaf Institute in Manchester, Aaron Brown watches epic rockers Airship play a short, but effective set to a hometown crowd

Kings Arms, Salford, 13/9/2011 Airship - Kings Arms, Salford, 13/9/2011

At the Kings Arms in Salford, Dixie Ernill enjoys a set of epic-sounding indie guitar rock from rising Manchester-band Airship

Cave Painting
XOYO, London, 21/10/2012 Cave Painting - XOYO, London, 21/10/2012

Tom Fogarty is impressed by young Brighton-based band Cave Painting's epic form of alternative rock at a show at the XOYO in London

Metro Club, London, 1/4/2004 Septembre - Metro Club, London, 1/4/2004

Epic guitar rock band Septembre is the new project of ex- Vex Red singer, Terry Abbot. At their first headline show, fan Philip Vincent watches them put on an unfortunately lacklustre show to an audience consisting largely of label and magazine people

Sleepy Sun
Borderline, London, 29/11/2010 Sleepy Sun - Borderline, London, 29/11/2010

While their front woman Rachel Fannan has recently left the band, Chris O' Toole watches San Francisco group Sleepy Sun now operating as a five piece rise against the odds and play an awe-striking and epic set of psychedelia

Jonathan Beckett
Vinyl Stories Jonathan Beckett - Vinyl Stories

Dave Goodwin in 'Vinyl Stories' makes another epic delve into the world of vinyl as he raids Moscow Circus' lead singer/songwriter Jonathan Beckett's record box and finds Echo and The Bunnymen, REM, The Blue Nile and other twelve inch treats

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