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DFA Records


Black Dice (2005)

Broken Ear Record
Impressive new album from art rockers and latest EMI signings Black Dice, who merge bustling urban sounds with tribal minimalism

Black Dice (2004)

Miles Of Smiles
Stunning new EP from noise experimentalists and Fat Cat label signings Black Dice, which finds the band enforcing sounds from an increasingly unlikely set of devices and instruments

Guerilla Toss (2016)

Eraser Stargazer
Unpredictable debut album from funky but experimental Bostonian band, Guerilla Toss

Slim Twig (2015)

A Hound at the Hem
Unpredictable and slow-growing but ultimately compelling debut album from Toronto-based musician Slim Twig, which initially released in 2010 only on limited edition vinyl has now been given a CD release

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