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Gare du Nord Records


Alex Highton (2015)

Nobody Knows Anything
Excellent folk/pop on second solo album from recently rediscovered Cambridgeshire-based singer-songwriter, Alex Highton

Carnet de Voyage (2019)

Melo Disko
Experimental but compelling vinyl only debut album from avant garde two-piece Carnet de Voyage

Cold Spells (2018)

The Cold Spells
Folk at heart but with psychedelic hints, the Cold Spells’ first album works a fitful magic.

Cold Spells (2019)

Haunting and dreamy second album from London-based indie/psychedlic folk duo the Cold Spells

Keiron Phelan and Peace Signs (2020)

Hobby Jingo
Multi-instrumentalist Keiron Phelan’s second Peace Signs album is a breezy, reflective collection of classic grown-up pop

Papernut Cambridge (2015)

Nutlets 1967-80
A companion piece to last year's excellent 'There's No Underground', Papernut Cambridge’s new album ‘Nutlets (1967-80)’ finds mainman Ian Button delving into his childhood record box

Papernut Cambridge (2016)

Love the Things Your Lover Loves
Irresistible 60's and 70's-influenced third album from bedroom act-turned-live band, the project of ex-Death in Vegas and current Rotifer member, Ian Button

Papernut Cambridge (2018)

Outstairs Instairs
Fourth album from Ian Button’s indie supergroup Papernut Cambridge plays back-to-front and finds him fleshing out the band’s glam-pop with a piano based-sound

Picturebox (2014)

Offbeat but totally irresistible new EP from Canterbury-based psychedelic-influenced indie pop act, Picturebox

Picturebox (2018)

Unpredictable and psychedelic-influenced latest album from Canterbury-based cult band Picturebox

Ralegh Long (2015)

Intense debut album from singer-songwriter Ralegh Long, which has been given an otherworldly quality by him moving away from his main instrument of the guitar to the piano to record it

Rapid Results College (2016)

In City Light
Fantastic debut album from melodic London indie pop guitar three-piece, Rapid Results College

Robert Rotifer (2016)

Not Your Door
Extraordinary new album from Vienna-born but now Canterbury-based singer-songwriter, Robert Rotifer

Robert Rotifer (2019)

About Us
Bleak but passionate reflection on Brexit from Robert Rotifer, who although Austrian-born has spent the last two decades living in the UK

Tvfordogs (2021)

I Only Wanted to Make You Cry
tvfordogs’ fifth album is a thrillride of educated, articulate, and edgy glam rock

Willie Gibson (2019)

Saint Ex
All too short electronic interpretation of writer Antoine de Saint-Expury’s classic travel book ‘Wind Sand and Stars’ by electronic music composer Willie Gibson which makes very good listening.

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