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Carnet de Voyage - Melo Disko

  by Dave Goodwin

published: 4 / 7 / 2019

Carnet de Voyage - Melo Disko
Label: Gare du Nord Records
Format: LP


Experimental but compelling vinyl only debut album from avant garde two-piece Carnet de Voyage

Ultimately Carnet de Voyage is an ever evolving live show and a collaboration between performing artists Rosey Chan and Mimi Xu, so we have to take this into consideration when listening to the album. You would have thought that as a whole there would be something missing with this as they have depended stronCgly on the live chapter in their evolution, but it doesn't turn out that way at all. Carnet de Voyage have journeyed into the heart of music history, contemporary culture and personal memoir revisiting diverse genres of music in the sounds they have used. 'Melo Disko' Starts off with an instrumental of choral lines to a sometimes industrial but mainly dance beat and then it becomes more European with again an occasional industrial sound sung in French. On 'Broken Time Machine' the pair use trumpet instead of synth against a plethora of beats and sounds. 'Permission to Drive' is techno-driven if you pardon the pun and probably for me the strongest track on here, taking a sizeable amount of Kraftwerk influence and welding it to early Human League. There is a strong piano inclusion all the way through this as there is a u trumpet as can be heard on the last track 'Sky Odyssey' which somehow reminds me of OMD doing a soundtrack for a spaghetti western? Carnet de Voyage showcase a desire in their live shows of provoking emotions by combining old and new technologies. Carnet de Voyage literally means "travelling notebook", and is just that in the capable hands of the artists. They are so capable that they released two tracks from the album after performing at Meltdown Festival at Queen Elizabeth Hall couple years ago. Both tracks 'Melo Disko 'and 'Broken Time' Machine, come before this their first outing, which will on independent label Gare Du Nord on 21st of June.

Track Listing:-
1 Black Mole
2 Radio Shack
3 Ghostly Waltz
4 Broken Time Machine
5 Permit to Drive
6 Streets
7 Melo Disko
8 Sky Odyssey

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